Selling my house - is it worth putting a new bathroom in

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Babyiwantabump Fri 11-Sep-20 22:29:55

Currently doing a few touch ups before putting my house on the market - we have been Redecorating anyway over the past year . All nearly finished but I feel the bathroom really lets the house down .

It a white suite so not like it’s a dodgy colour but it’s an old enamel set with the original 19.50 white tiles with a black border .
Do you think it’s worth me putting a new bathroom in prior to putting the house on the market? Does it add that much value? (Or take it away really)

I just feel like the rest of the house is modern and “renovated” but the bathroom is just , well , a bit meh.

I can’t decide what to do .


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Babyiwantabump Fri 11-Sep-20 22:30:27

Should read 1950’s not 19.50!

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MustWe Fri 11-Sep-20 22:33:06

Some people will like that it’s ‘vintage’!

JoJoSM2 Fri 11-Sep-20 22:34:27

It depends on the price of the house. In a 100k, it probably isn’t worth spending money on a new bathroom. In a 1M house that’s otherwise done up, you definitely should.

chipsandpeas Fri 11-Sep-20 22:35:50

id leave it, if the buyers change it it will be at their choice and taste

Quillink Fri 11-Sep-20 22:35:58

Leave it in! I'd love that. Excellent quality to have lasted this long. Adds character if the house is otherwise modern.

Anawi Fri 11-Sep-20 22:36:24

Is it really awful or just 'not new'? If it's just a but dated but clean and presentable then I wouldnt worry about it I wouldnt think it would be worth the expense really. I dont think most people would be put off a bathroom if they can think...its ok for now but we'll do it when we can.


TW2013 Fri 11-Sep-20 22:38:16

Do you have a picture. I would be inclined to sell it as an 'original feature' and then even if it is not to the buyer's taste they might think it could have some resale / snob value. I think the problem with bathrooms and kitchens is that it depends on your taste as to what you like so you could replace with modern and the buyers like vintage.

Babyiwantabump Fri 11-Sep-20 22:40:08

House was valued about 5 years ago at 200k

It’s a first time buyer home really .

I just don’t know if people would prefer to move in somewhere already all done or would be happy with having one room to do .

Because it’s functional I’ve never really considered doing it . But it’s not very pretty or modern if that makes sense .

Maybe I’m spending too long on Rightmove and Instagram and seeing all the beautiful bathrooms.

My dad thinks I should just keep the money I have to do it with and do up the bathroom in the house I move into instead of one I’m moving out of.

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PickAChew Fri 11-Sep-20 22:43:53

It sounds nice enough. Save yourself the expense.

Babyiwantabump Fri 11-Sep-20 22:43:53

There is nothing wrong with it - it’s just not new . It’s an enamel bath and wall hung sink and old cistern type toilet .

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PickAChew Fri 11-Sep-20 22:44:50

And some people love a big old enamel bath.

Elieza Fri 11-Sep-20 22:46:27

There is a ceiling price for property. You wouldn’t want to find that your house is currently worth £200k but the addition of a £5k bathroom would make it worth...exactly the same!

Look at houses the same as yours in the same street or next door street that’s just as good/dear as yours and see what makes them go over 200k.

It could be that only an extra bedroom would get more money and your dads right.

Or it could be that a nice bathroom does take the price over £200k.

Only then will you know whether it’s worth doing or not.

Porridgeoat Fri 11-Sep-20 22:51:25

Sounds lovely! Please don’t waste your money.

When I looked round houses to buy I’d always want to redo bathrooms even when new

winetime89 Fri 11-Sep-20 22:56:15

I'm in same position. going to put a cheap one in I think just so it looks presentable. Oh a plumber though so only big cost really is a tiler, ours is really scraty looking though, otherwise I may have left it. tbh though when I look at houses unless it's a doer upper I'd want a nice modern bathroom but that's just me.

domesticslattern Fri 11-Sep-20 22:56:22

It would make much more sense to get on with marketing your house quickly, so buyers can benefit from the stamp duty holiday (ie complete by 31 March 2021).
Don't fiddle around with cosmetic stuff- get going quickly!

Salome61 Fri 11-Sep-20 22:58:47

I regret every penny I spent trying to sell my house, save your money and spend it on your new house smile

Singinginshower Sat 12-Sep-20 01:06:56

I am really put off by houses with new kitchens or bathrooms. Firstly, because if it's often not to my taste, and I'd rather have the opportunity of changing it myself. Secondly, sometimes if homes are obviously refitted for the sale I wonder if the seller is trying to hide something

YellowNotRed Sat 12-Sep-20 06:52:41

No I wouldn't. Just get it on the market ASAP, save the money and use it towards solicitors/estate agents/new house.

I hate new kitchen/bathrooms being newly done as it's never quite my taste and always done on a budget!

seven201 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:17:30

I wouldn't bother. You might put in something that isn't to the taste of a potential buyer. It would delay you putting it on the Parker too. Not worth it.

Hercules12 Sat 12-Sep-20 09:20:23

I was advised to make kitchen and bathroom presentable but any money spent wouldn't be gotten back and no difference to price I could advertise at.

Newgirls Sat 12-Sep-20 09:22:05

I often hate the tiling in new bathrooms so would prob want to change it anyway!

GolightlyMrsGolightly Sat 12-Sep-20 09:24:46

Make it sparkly and leave it. I hate the 15 year old v cheap bathroom in our new house . But so glad they didn’t change them to sell as given the taste in the rest of the house I really wouldn’t have liked them. At least this way I’m taking out a bathroom that has really had its day.

merrymouse Sat 12-Sep-20 09:33:33

Difficult to tell without a picture.

Original 1950s tiles sound great!

A very clean bathroom (with fresh paintwork if necessary) and lovely fluffy towels and no scruffy old toothbrushes is probably enough in your price range.

ApolloandDaphne Sat 12-Sep-20 09:35:48

Your bathroom sounds lovely as it is. Just leave it.

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