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SecretOfChange Wed 09-Sep-20 18:22:25

How do I go about choosing bathroom tiles? No idea where to even start. Have one bathroom to rip out and replace with a shower and one bathroom (with a bathtub) to build. Victorian terrace house. Help smile

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Thinkle Thu 10-Sep-20 07:04:04

My new tiles arrived yesterday so I am declaring myself to be an expert 😁.

Go on Pinterest first and find pictures of bathrooms you like and look closely as the tiles they have. Also go to bathroom showrooms and look at their big mock up bathrooms as you’ll get a good feel for what you like and don’t like.

You need to have a rough idea about what type of bathroom furniture you’ll choose and whether you need the tiles to compliment it. E.g. do you want it to be in keeping with your Victorian house?

Then think about practicality, for example the more grout and the paler the grout in the shower area the more cleaning. Will there be kids using the bathroom and do you want to hide or see the toothpaste smears in the pattern/ texture of the tile?

Once you have done that then if cost is a factor think about the tile layout you like. The smaller the tile and the fiddlier the design the more expensive the fitting. Although large tiles are more expensive per m2.

Finally, I found internet shopping for tiles really hard. Tiles that are beautiful in person can look flat and dull on the internet. And don’t assume that the best value tiles will be in the high street ‘tile warehouses’ there is a lot overlap in price between the high end of the high street tiles and the lower end of the fancy tile shop tiles so don’t be intimidated by the latter. Always ask about a discount!!

SecretOfChange Thu 10-Sep-20 16:52:03

@Thinkle this is brilliant, thank you for your essay, it gives me so much confidence! I'll let you know what I decide smile

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