Warm roof on conservatory

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Indecisivelurcher Wed 09-Sep-20 17:32:58

Have been quoted £7k to get a warm roof on existing conservatory plus replace the flat roof on existing brick built extension and include a skylight. Or £33k to replace conservatory with brick (push out existing brick built room on conservatory footprint). Also wildcard option to go up instead, so put a floor above the brick extension, £27k. So what do I need to know about these warm roofs?!

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Indecisivelurcher Wed 09-Sep-20 19:09:47

I know it's dull! But if anyone has one or would be really useful to hear.

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Indecisivelurcher Thu 10-Sep-20 16:09:03

I just need one person with a warm roof to read my thread 😁

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Bamaluz Thu 10-Sep-20 16:13:42

I haven't got one myself but my mum has, and is very pleased with it. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Not much help because I don't have personal experience but at least it stops you talking to yourself.smile

IheartHarryStyles Thu 10-Sep-20 16:20:08

I don’t know what a warm roof is but we’re getting this done, a friend had it done in her old house and was so impressed she’s getting it done again in her new house.


IheartHarryStyles Thu 10-Sep-20 16:22:00

*only useful info if you’re considering a warm roof to make it warmer/cooler.

Indecisivelurcher Thu 10-Sep-20 16:28:39

@Bamaluz thank goodness

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Indecisivelurcher Thu 10-Sep-20 16:29:49

I mean that sort of thing @IheartHarryStyles

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IheartHarryStyles Thu 10-Sep-20 16:33:43

Ah well there you go, I’m hoping it doesn’t cost 7k though! Friends cost under 2k including lights to get done.

Indecisivelurcher Thu 10-Sep-20 16:36:25

£7k is for 2 roofs basically, brick extension roof and conservatory roof.

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StatesOfMatter Thu 10-Sep-20 18:56:32

I have a warm roof and it is great - really helped make the conservatory feel fresh and a useable space all year. Cost depends where you live. All the quotes I had were around £7-£10k but we have a large conservatory

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