Where to put living room furniture... (picture)

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FlamedToACrisp Wed 09-Sep-20 12:07:25

The truth is, unless the sofa is directly opposite the wood-burner, you won't see the cosy fire inside anyway, only the casing. Are you sure you really want one? You seem to have the room already set up in the most convenient way.

One solution, if room size permits, would be to add two armchairs, both angled towards the sofa - one in the corner between the TV and the window, and one between the TV and the dining area. This would make the sitting area feel more sociable, and at least one chair would have a view of the woodburner.

Murmurur Wed 09-Sep-20 12:06:42

Is there a real chimney? If not you could move the fireplace to the external wall.

Otherwise, smaller TV, or cover the hatch, or move the door from the hall to make enough wall space for the big TV. I think PPs are right, the room is designed to have the living room at the bottom.

Other option is treat it like one room, have a central arrangement of 2 sofas round the fire, and TV to one side of the fire. Small table in the corner for dining if you want. But you still have the basic problem that the hatch and door to the hall interrupt the big expanses of internal walls.

Puzzles10 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:36:38

Yes that's where the previous owners had their TV, but ours is 55" so just wont fit there

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Rollercoaster1920 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:27:46

Put the tele in the corner. Either side of the living room door. I bet the aerial socket is there anyway. Like we used to with CRT TVs.

In time you might move the door to that room when you join the kitchen to dining space.

Puzzles10 Wed 09-Sep-20 09:33:50

I'm just not sure how we would fit the TV and the sofa there if we did that? As one wall has the fireplace/door and one has a window.. so theres only one free wall and then the free space in the middle?

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Frenchfancy Wed 09-Sep-20 09:16:00

If there is a hatch why don't you move the dining furniture down to that end and move the sofas to the other end of the room.

Puzzles10 Wed 09-Sep-20 09:10:18

Hi all, I'm just looking for some opinions on where to place the TV and sofa in my new living room.

Currently we have a small 2-seater sofa (green; which we are planning on upgrading to a bigger corner sofa at some point) and TV (blue) placed as pictured. However, there is a fireplace and we are going to be putting a woodburning stove in and the current set up means we aren't facing the fire which is a shame. One option is to swap the sofa and the TV but on that wall there is a hatch to the kitchen (purple) which is very useful, and the TV being there would block this. However, we could block this hatch off if that would be the only solution.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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