Where to move in Leeds?

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prawncocktailcrisps09 Tue 08-Sep-20 16:26:37

Hi, we are looking to move house in Leeds, and was just wondering if anyone may have any advice please?

We have a baby, so we are trying to think forwards to schools, though I understand that things can change with how good school is within a few years.

We apparently could spend up to 375k, but I think realistically I don't feel comfortable with spending more than 320k at a push. We would really like a detached home which obviously pushes the price up.

If anyone had any advice then I would really appreciate it!

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prawncocktailcrisps09 Tue 08-Sep-20 21:54:59

Just a gentle bump smile

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MrsRobinson247 Tue 08-Sep-20 22:09:32

What is important to you? Do you need to travel into central Leeds for work? Do you want to be near countryside, have easy access to shops restaurants, are schools important?

There are pros and cons to any areas, I don’t think you’ll get a detached for £320k in most of the areas below but would suggest:

Guiseley/yeadon. Easy access to Leeds both with great high streets. Prob won’t get detached house and have some airport noise (guiseley is considered nicer than yeadon with great schools).
Horsforth/Cookridge. Again great schools, horsforth it’s lots to offer for young families and easy transport (2 train stations) airport noise for some of horsforth/Cookridge (may get newer 90s detached.
Farsley/calverley. Great areas, not got as good transport links to town a bit cheaper.
Roundhay. Probably poshest area of Leeds, amazing park, wouldn’t get detached for £320k
Otley/menston/burley in wharf dale. All nice areas, Otley is a nice market town and the others are nice villages. Train station in both menston and burley.
West park/Headingley/mean wood. Lovely period properties, schools can be a bit trickier - Headingley look at far Headingley as Headingley/ burley park is students.
South Leeds, Morley/rothwell are considered up and coming.
Prob the only place you will get detached house for 320 would be rothwell, Farsley, yeadon, Otley and possibly some areas of horsforth but some areas of horsforth aren’t as nice as others (the area by hawksworth should be avoided). The new estate at horsforth vale is also a nightmare for access and miles from anywhere.

GreyGardens88 Tue 08-Sep-20 22:10:44

Boston Spa

MrsRobinson247 Tue 08-Sep-20 22:18:26

Just done a quick search on those areas for £320k and there are no detached houses (Well there is one in horsforth but it’s on the main road under the flight path, and a couple in Otley again right on the main road.

If detached is an essential element you may want to look at Pudsey/ holt park/ lawnswood/ garforth/ crossgates. These areas wont offer as good schools, transport, facilities as the ones above.

Leeds, especially the better areas you probably need £450k-£500k for a nice 3/4 bed detached.

LizzySkelding Wed 09-Sep-20 00:25:46

Come to Wakefield (WF1). Houses much cheaper in our neck of the woods and Leeds city centre is only a 10min drive away.

LizzySkelding Wed 09-Sep-20 00:26:42

Outwood Academy Ledger Lane is an outstanding Primary School and our boy goes there.

Outwood Grange is also one of the top schools in Yorkshire.


prawncocktailcrisps09 Sat 12-Sep-20 10:43:35

Thank you everyone for your replies.

Sorry, I should have probably given more info - I work in LS9, my husband in Yeadon. I don't mind travelling (probs max 45 minutes to work if possible), it will be harder for my husband but he is open to it. We have family in the LS16 area, and were wanting to still be relatively close to them, but recognise this may not be doable.

The most important things are schools and detached (I work nights so attempt to sleep in the day), and just a nice area, somewhere safe for our little one to grow up. We're not hugely fussy about shops, pubs etc.

Have just had a look at Outwood @LizzySkelding, and they have some really lovely houses, it seems like it would less time for me to get work as well. It sounds like the schools are excellent too.

Thanks for the list @MrsRobinson247 - it's amazing!

Yeadon sounds like it could work well for us.

I'd love Horsforth/Cookridge, but doubt I'll find a house for our budget there sad how bad is the airport noise?

Farsley/calverley. Great areas, not got as good transport links to town a bit cheaper - these could work, I need to investigate schools.

Otley - this may be a bit far from work and family, but I might have a drive out to see if it's do-able.

Meanwood - I found a detached we could afford, I'm not sure on the schools, so need to check.

Morley/Rothwell/Pudsey - we will have a look at these, I have friends who live in Morley so will ask their opinions. They all have some lovely houses

Holt Park could work and doesn't seem too far from Cookridge? It looks like Cookridge would be their catchment school but I am thinking it is probably oversubscribed.

Do you have any thoughts on Moor Allerton/Shadwell/Rodley please?

I think I'm going to have to decide between staying put for a few years and saving more or going to max mortgage...

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seayork2020 Sat 12-Sep-20 10:45:16

Another vote for farsley/pudsey area

NameChange1966 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:39:17

You won’t get a detached in Shadwell, not a chance.

NameChange1966 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:41:44

I stand corrected, there is one at 335 that wouldn’t be my preferred choice and needs work.

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