Small bathroom, small budget, which fixtures?

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wtftodo Tue 08-Sep-20 10:28:32

We need to redo our smallish bathroom (1.9 x 1.6). We've had different builders and plumbers around to quote and they have all suggested different options and I'm struggling to make any choices.

We will be having shower over bath, 1700 x 700, probably a straight bath with panel, and boxed in at the end (though I like the look of a J shaped bath - but there'd be an awkward 20cm gap at the end...)

We have a new in box rigid shower head etc so could just buy a new thermostatic exposed valve but two quoters have told me to just bin it and get either concealed shower / bath filler or to get a bar shower (but couldn't I then just use the existing shower riser I have?)

With the bath - one plumber has pushed hard for us to get a bath overflow filler bath and I am totally confused. He seems to be saying there is only one bath which has the filler on the room-facing side of the bath and that's the one we have to get for maintenance reasons - a Duravit bath - but this is so much more expensive and I can't believe there's really only one bath that you can put the filler on the room-facing side?? Plus, I do think they look great, but along with concealed valves and taps it makes me nervous about how you fix them if anything goes wrong... So I can't decide whether to just ignore this advice and go for bath taps on the bath - and if so, where to put them..

Has anyone else any experience or advice to share? Also shout out to pigletjohn if you have any expert insight on overflow fillers!

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PeachPotato Tue 08-Sep-20 10:59:05

Following as we have a similar size bathroom!

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