Anyone employed two architects to do some initial plans?

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Sewfrickinamazeballs Mon 07-Sep-20 15:43:14

Just that really. We are planning to extend/remodel our house. Have no firm ideas what we might end up with so looking for steer from the architect re design. Have met a few architectural technicians and architects. Ruled out the technicians and down to two architects, and can’t decide who to go with.

Architect 1, got on really well. They mainly work with another bigger firm but does smaller projects solo. Asked loads about how we use the space, how we live etc. Talked about realistic build costs close to what our research says is likely, but didn’t give much away in what they would do. Some previous work to look at. Have a survey booked in and will do some concept planning with them as a stand-alone exercise. We aren’t committed beyond this point.

Architect 2, again, got on really well with. Has done loads of extension/renovations. Gave us some good ideas that would solve a lot of issues, and spent a long time talking about design. Very much on board with the problems in the house and how to solve them. Discussed build costs and they mentioned a low number (£1800m/2, we are in the SE) so concerned they may design something that’s not possible within our budget. I plan to address this. This architect doesn’t do the initial survey/concept plans like the first, so the fee is for designs (as long as it takes) and plans ready for submitting for planning permission, plus OS maps etc. I really like this architect and think they get what we want to do but are fully committed with them from the outset.

Would I be mad to go ahead with the survey and concept planning with the first one (and either keep going with them through planning etc) and pay the second one to come up with designs also with a hunch we might carry on with this one. My thoughts are I could use the ideas from the first one to incorporate into the second one if we don’t go ahead with them. The first one (for the initial bit) is only a few hundred so happy to sink this money, where as the second one is a a couple of grand in one lump for the design and plans.

Any advice?

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JoJoSM2 Mon 07-Sep-20 17:20:15

Sounds like a plan. It’s very important to get the plans just right.

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