How much would you expect to pay a plumber?

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FizzyPink Mon 07-Sep-20 13:15:31

Maybe a stupid question but we’ve never had to call one out before.
I’ve contacted two who came recommended and never replied and the 3rd one said he can come tomorrow morning. Should I ask about costs beforehand?

Basically our dishwasher and washing machine sit either side of the sink and when they’re on, water comes up the pipes and fills the sink. The sink is also very slow to drain and leaks into the cupboard underneath. I guess they’ll come and look at it and then tell us how much it will cost to fix? But will most charge just to come and have a look as well?

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Mon 07-Sep-20 13:21:29

Ask if there is a call-out charge. Some charge, say £80 and that may include the first half hour of work.

HotChoc10 Mon 07-Sep-20 13:58:19

I'm in London. Think last time I hired a plumber it was £70 for the first hour and £40 per hour after that.

FizzyPink Mon 07-Sep-20 22:14:20

Thanks both. They said they don’t charge a call out fee and will provide a quote once they’ve been to have a look so fingers crossed it’s not too expensive a problem!

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