Moving from Berkshire to Suffolk

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puret0ne Mon 07-Sep-20 12:33:21

We've been wanting to buy a riverside property for ages and the last one we liked (Bucks) didn’t work out.

Then we found another beautiful riverfront property in Suffolk (near Woodbridge) and we went ahead and exchanged the other day with less than a month left before completion. Everything happened so quickly and smoothly.

I’m telling you this never happened to us. We attempted property purchase four times and failed, FOUR TIMES in the last 6 months! We are deeply hurt by some sellers/estate agents as two out of four were to do with their deceit and greed. These two occasions got so bad that we had to involve lawyers to untangle the mess. The other better two were; we were gazumped and the last one fell through due to the seller’s upper chain collapse.

I’m super happy and relieved that we have finally bought our forever home and genuinely excited about a slower paced life and getting away from all the stress.

However, now I finally can sit down and take a breath, what have I done.....! kind of thought hit me out of sudden. I can’t help feeling a bit daunted about this move. I guess I’m used to Berks/Bucks area for its easy access and convenience to London and Heathrow airport. Not that I need to frequent either place but it just feels connected.

Also I saw a gorgeous riverside property in Bucks area added on Zoopla yesterday. I casually said to my poor DP ‘Are we moving too far away?’ and now he seems to be having a tiny wee bit of doubts. My bad, he gets influenced by me very easily.

Tell me something good about this move pleaseee. Anything everything. I need to get my shit together and focus on the excitement....! hmmwine

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Jazzmin Mon 07-Sep-20 21:17:26

What’s not to like? Lovely shops in Woodbridge, under an hour to the seaside ( Aldeburgh, Southwold) even faster to Felixstowe. Ed Sheeran up the road, often seen out and about. Massive Next store in Martlesham ( a personal fave.)

hotchocdrinker Mon 07-Sep-20 22:36:42

Woodbridge is lovely. A great high street with great independent shops and some good restaurants, a leisure centre and cinema. Half an hour to the seaside at Aldeburgh, train station with regular trains to London, Stansted airport about 75 minutes' drive. I'm not keen on Ipswich, but as @Jazzmin says above, Martlesham has a big next and a fabulous M&S Food!

Ragwort Mon 07-Sep-20 22:42:28

You will love it, I moved from Bucks to Suffolk (near Woodbridge) and was very happy there (eventually reluctantly moved away after 10 years for work related reasons). The coast is not far - lovely countryside, I'd happily move back. Enjoy grin.

ScribblingMilly Mon 07-Sep-20 22:47:27

Oh I love Woodbridge, it's my fantasy move, I'm always looking at houses on Rightmove around there. It's has such a feel good atmosphere & within reach of the coast too. Enjoy the adventure!

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