Living flame gas fire not very alive

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Rinsefirst Sun 06-Sep-20 23:43:08

Our living flame style gas fire is barely working these days. It will be condemned as soon as the engineer comes. Anyone replaced a 16 inch tapered fire recently? Can you talk me through if you just replaced like for like or is there something else I should be considering? It’s in a Farmington Cotswold Stone surround.

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Rinsefirst Sun 06-Sep-20 23:50:25

This is how it currently looks

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PigletJohn Mon 07-Sep-20 01:34:43

It might just need cleaning.

FinallyFluid Mon 07-Sep-20 01:38:38

Agree with Piglet John, thought ours was Fubarred a few years ago, a good clean out and an annual service and it is as right as rain.

TheSparklyPussycat Mon 07-Sep-20 01:39:49

I had something similar, quite a long time ago though. The "bits of coal" deteriorated with age, and if memory serves we were able to buy some new ones.

Rinsefirst Mon 07-Sep-20 07:46:55

Have cleaned it quite forensically by removing coals and I have a bag of new black ones that I introduce from time to time. ( I know that the engineer has in the past spray painted then black)

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TheSparklyPussycat Mon 07-Sep-20 13:02:45

Is the bit where the gas goes into the fire (don't know what to call it) slightly bunged up with black stuff, thus narrowing it? Although you probably cleaned it already.


Rinsefirst Mon 07-Sep-20 13:48:39

It’s just sluggish . Slow to light up . The flames are low and it not very warm.
I think I will message Living Flame 🔥 and see what they suggest. I think it is about 12 years old.

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Rinsefirst Mon 07-Sep-20 20:22:05

Got prices .
£130 to get it delivered online
£295 to buy at fireplace shop
£120 for fireplace shop to install
£75 chimney to be swept
Now to locate a self employed fire installer - two I phoned don’t do it - they don’t want the bother of building work and insurance implications

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