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Which plot is better? A or B?

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Officebox Sun 06-Sep-20 22:09:47

Just curious to canvas opinions after conversation with friend about dilemmas choosing plots that were available on my new estate.

If a house is the exact same style, which is more desirable, A or B? We were thinking long-term in event of selling the houses in future, if both were on sale at same time then which one would be more attractive to buyers?

Same house style, so main plot differences:

- South facing garden
- much bigger garden than B
- Very overlooked though (3 houses; one of them directly overlooking)
- garden slopes downwards; house at bottom of the slope

(Being overlooked is the main disadvantage with A. Is being overlooked a real turn-off? Otherwise great plot)


- West facing garden
- not directly overlooked (views of working farm)
- much smaller garden than A, but still nice size
- not too impacted by the slope

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00100001 Sun 06-Sep-20 22:10:35

Oh... I was expecting a comparison of ideas for a novel 🤣

NowTheDucksAreBarking Sun 06-Sep-20 22:11:58

100% B

Whatthebloodyell Sun 06-Sep-20 22:12:15

I’d prefer B, depending on how small/big the garden was. I don’t like being overlooked. But if A has a really decent sized garden it shouldn’t be too difficult to create some privacy through clever planting?

OutOfDateAppleCrumble Sun 06-Sep-20 22:12:27

I’ve always wanted a west facing garden for the sunsets.

BuyingSharedOwnership Sun 06-Sep-20 22:14:39

How much bigger is garden A? Would it still be bigger if you put screening in to make it private? Like tall bamboo/hedges etc?

Is the land around B likely to be developed and your views gone?

How close and active is the working farm? Is A much further away?

If A is a lot bigger than B, I would go A.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Sun 06-Sep-20 22:14:58

B definitely. I would hate to be over looked. Would much prefer less space and privacy.

scaryfrogfish Sun 06-Sep-20 22:15:30

I would urge caution over buying on the basis of views over farmland unless it's protected somehow.

Where we live, once one farmer sold their land to developers, others swiftly followed, and what had been amazing views of a farmhouse turned out to be a block of flats.

Pluckedpencil Sun 06-Sep-20 22:16:23

I'd go b. What is the point in a big garden with no privacy?

Spickle Sun 06-Sep-20 22:17:01

I would choose B.

West facing still gets a lot of sun, including watching the sun set in the evening. Sometimes, a south facing garden is too sunny - you can't escape it and the other side of the house faces north so you will have one sunny side and one darker side.

I would also go for a view rather than being surrounded by other houses overlooking. Most people prefer some privacy in their garden, not having lots of neighbouring windows overlooking them.

LadyLovelyLockz Sun 06-Sep-20 22:19:42

B. Privacy is everything, and I love our west facing garden. My mum has a south facing garden and it is unrelenting in the sun during the summer, I hate it!

FunorFitness Sun 06-Sep-20 22:19:42

I prefer B but how big is the garden in both?

Officebox Sun 06-Sep-20 22:24:35

Wow! wasn't expecting so many responses so quickly!


A and B around the corner from each other.

A is about 20 square metres bigger in my estimations.

Views of B not likely to be developed because it's a working farm with grade A soil (protected for agricultural reasons).

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Officebox Sun 06-Sep-20 22:29:09

Garden sizes.

A about 140 sq metres (maybe more?)

B 120 square metres.

Shapes are different though. A is a (T) shape, B is more if an (I) shape. It's the extra bits on the end of the (T) shape that give A he extra garden space.

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EnjoyingTheSilence Sun 06-Sep-20 22:31:38

B, for privacy. Also would love a west facing garden

brakethree Sun 06-Sep-20 22:31:44

B seems a better choice but would agree with PP re development. Do you know what the development boundary is? just because it's a working farm doens't mean the farmer won't sell if they can/need to. The thing about A is this - you know what you are getting and can minimise impact, with B you don't know what you will get in the future.

NachoNachoMan Sun 06-Sep-20 22:32:29

B hands down. The garden is a decent size - how much of the extra space in A would be usable anyway with the slope and being overlooked? Also think about what would resell better. Is there a difference in price?

aruba786 Sun 06-Sep-20 22:32:53

B. . .for privacy and views

Swiftnicola Sun 06-Sep-20 22:35:45


Cantbutwill Sun 06-Sep-20 22:35:48

Definitely B.

jackstini Sun 06-Sep-20 22:36:14

Can't believe you have posted without a diagram OP!

luckymagnoliatree Sun 06-Sep-20 22:36:32

Definitely B.

notangelinajolie Sun 06-Sep-20 22:39:24

Probably B because privacy wins over the south v west garden.
Yes, west is great for sunsets but it can also be annoying (as we have learnt) on summer evenings when you get blinded by the sun. Bear that in mind when positioning your sofa/TV.

BlackCatsRule88 Sun 06-Sep-20 22:41:35

I’d go for B too. Privacy beats the extra 20 sq.m

FlamingoAndJohn Sun 06-Sep-20 22:44:14

B for the privacy but also because a slope coming towards the house would worry me for drainage.

Like a PP has said though, don’t bank on that view. I was once told never buy a house for the view unless you own everything between you and the horizon.

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