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Roowig2020 Sun 06-Sep-20 12:47:22

We've just had sale agreed on a fab house. The kitchen is beautiful, navy units with white granite worktops, island in the middle (with the sink) . It's doesn't have an overhang on the worktop though for seating, which my current house does and we use it for eating every day (never use our table). Is there anyway to make an overhang, even with a different contrasting material so that we don't have to replace the whole granite worktop? Thanks

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ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:23:19

I like the look of contrasting levels at a breakfast bar. So you could go same worktop but lower down? Or perhaps a freestanding unit?

ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:24:19

Or something like this? This is lovely from what I can see

ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:26:46


ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:27:16

The living edge is lovely

ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:28:08

Or go higher

Roowig2020 Sun 06-Sep-20 13:37:51

Wow thank you! I love all those ideas. It's seems possible then. I really like the 1st and 3rd that you posted and think it would look great and not out of place in the kitchen. Are they freestanding do you now? In terms of tradesmen- is it a joiner that I would be looking for?

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ReeseWitherfork Sun 06-Sep-20 13:42:12

I asked DH and he said “a chippy”? Which doesn’t mean a lot to me! I think you can buy things that are readymade but I shouldn’t think it would be tooooo expensive to get something made properly, think it would look nicer too!

Roowig2020 Sun 06-Sep-20 13:54:48

Thank you! I've been googling and can see similar images to your posts but nowhere to buy a freestanding one. I think a joiner is the best bet then as I need to get one anyway to do a few other jobs.

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