No shows for viewings

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Austereorange Sat 05-Sep-20 13:25:15

Why?? Just why??

We had a second viewing booked for yesterday. Twice they changed the time, the second time they asked for was deeply inconvenient but I arranged help with school runs and so on. 25 mins to go and they asked to change it to today. Very annoying but okay, that’s fine. They were gushing on the first viewing and specifically asked to see something in more detail this time round (we’ve got some eaves storage in the garage which needs a ladder, we cleared and sorted all that out).

Hours and hours of prep and stashing and decluttering and cleaning.

And no fucking show and not answering the phone to the agent.

Why do people do this?

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Purplepooch Sat 05-Sep-20 13:33:46

I don't know but I feel your pain. We have had a no show today. Very very rude.

Austereorange Sat 05-Sep-20 13:34:33

I could kind of get initial viewings but seconds?? And to ask us to do something very specific and have rearranged twice? It makes no sense.

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JellyBelly78 Sat 05-Sep-20 13:51:33

I feel your pain, we have had this a few times now and it’s so bloody rude!
Also had someone drive up to the property and drive away because they didn’t like the area! What idiot doesn’t check street view or do a drive by before making a viewing perhaps...complete tankers!

JellyBelly78 Sat 05-Sep-20 13:52:32


Austereorange Sat 05-Sep-20 14:01:39

Yes they are wankers. This is not the sort of house for a FTB so therefore viewers are likely to have been through the selling/buying process before. It’s so bloody stressful.

Just why?? Why not just text the agent and say ‘we’ve changed our minds’ or just cancel, and then now not to answer texts and calls from the agent is just soul destroying. Why be so bloody mean?

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Misstic Sat 05-Sep-20 14:10:52

The estate agent will have them marked as time wasters.


Aroundtheworldin80moves Sat 05-Sep-20 14:14:00

7 years ago we were a no show... But we couldn't find the house. We could find the street, but there was no house of that number on the street. Drove around for 10mins looking for it. (And discounting it as we didn't like the style of houses on the street)

Jujuball Sat 05-Sep-20 14:14:58

Totally sympathise OP, I honestly can't imagine ever being so rude!! We've had 2 no shows through this hideous process so far 🙄

CatAndHisKit Sun 06-Sep-20 02:07:02

well it could be that someone has fallen ill / an emergency / the couple had a huge row - I know not hugely likely but being 2d viewing and keen previously, there might be a genuinereason.

Tatiannatomasina Sun 06-Sep-20 02:49:15

Its not the same, but I have noticed selling things on FB marketplace the people who rearrange things more than once tend not to turn up at all. I put it down to rudeness and a general acceptance its ok to ghost people. I have heard all the excuses under the sun as to why people cant come, now I just block and delete them. I really feel for you, selling is very stressful and when you put in all that extra effort just for them its infuriating. Its as if they are saying my time is far more important than yours.

Austereorange Sun 06-Sep-20 08:33:06

Thank you. Validity of my rage is appreciated!!

As I said they postponed twice yesterday. That was bad enough. I’d taken time off work in the morning for that and pushed all my meetings to the PM so then when they changed it to the PM with only 30 mins notice that really stuffed my day up. But I gritted my teeth and made other hasty arrangements and changes. Then the PM slot was changed again with 30 mins to go. Their reason was apparently very apologetic but they were unable to get away from work. They said please could they come on the Saturday and please could they have access to the garage loft to check if some fishing equipment could be stored there. They also wanted to run through with me what the monthly utility bills were like for affordability. I’d typed it all up and printed it all out on a sheet so they could keep it.

We changed our plans for Saturday to accommodate. We’d supposed to have been somewhere but we rearranged that. DH took the kids out. Everything that has previously been moved/cleaned/wiped was again moved cleaned and wiped.

Then no show.

I have an opinion. I really believe they were offering on something else and were waiting to see if that was accepted hence all the delaying the day before. Also hence not caring if they were blacklisted by the agent.

She has called them 4 times (twice the Mr and twice the Mrs) and it rings a bit then goes to voicemail. Then she’s text them. She’s also said on her text to please just confirm they are no longer interested. Nothing.

These are not a young couple and must have an understanding of how much stress this causes. In fact they were here SO long for the first viewing we did touch on the fact (when they asked about other interest) that we’d frustratingly had some time wasters and she said ‘oh it’s so rotten when people do that - why bother’ - then they go and don’t show.

If you were going to not show and had just done that yesterday morning then at least it would have saved 24 hours of my time.

Bastards. My faith in other humans (along with other reasons) is sorely being tested at the moment.

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Austereorange Sun 06-Sep-20 08:34:57

I know the street they live on and they have a distinctive’s so tempting to go and ask in person (but probably a very very bad idea)

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fabulousathome Sun 06-Sep-20 08:56:49

Yes a bad idea. But tempting.

positivelynegative Sun 06-Sep-20 09:02:05

We had someone make an offer and then ghost us. I agree OP another house in play.

Misstic Sun 06-Sep-20 09:02:43

OP that’s terrible behaviour from that couple. You are right to be angry. I have no great advice to give other than put it behind you. You will find a decent buyer. That couple may have been a right pain throughout the process.

Strawberrypancakes Sun 06-Sep-20 09:09:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 06-Sep-20 09:14:49

@Strawberrypancakes we did- several times. And got no answer. It's was completely bizarre. We even compared pictures of the outside of the house to the houses on the road- no matches. We spent about 30mins trying to find it.

Yaottie Sun 06-Sep-20 09:14:53

You sound great OP, unless you're desperate to sell I wouldn't go to that much effort in future. If they want to discuss utility bills and stuff for affordability then maybe that's a bad sign. I'd have just told them off the top of my head what I thought the ballpark figure was. Very kind of you to go to so much effort to type it up and print it off for them - shame they're a pair of twats

user1471538283 Sun 06-Sep-20 09:22:49

I wouldn't want the agent to chase them. You are not interested in them. It's so rude. We didn't have no shows but we did have very rude. Next time someone is rude about my home I will kick them out because oddly enough I don't give a shit if your house is bigger than mine ...

Austereorange Sun 06-Sep-20 10:07:03

It’s just so frustrating. I am quite seriously tempted to pull mainly because everything I see I get hopeful about then they sell. They last 2 weeks the market here has ground to a halt in terms of suitability and there is nothing I like on in the right area at all.

I’m turning my ‘alerts’ off too it’s just winding me up more.

We’ve had ‘my sofa won’t fit’ (we have a 5 seater and a two seater), ‘I just wanted a look’ (from a lady down the road who I recognised the minute I opened the door’, it’s ‘poky’ (my living room is 17ft x 17ft plus we have a playroom, a sitting room, an office, a 13x13 utility, kitchen diner and 4 double
Bedrooms), ‘not certain about moving to XXXX (entire city name - why are you viewing here then?)... all such films feedback.

So much wasted time and no other viewings booked.


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Austereorange Sun 06-Sep-20 10:08:01

Angry typos!! Sorry!

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Bumblebee413 Sun 06-Sep-20 10:10:52

We had a no show once and then an offer for 50k less than the asking price from them. I turned them down...

Toooldnowx Sun 06-Sep-20 10:17:19

Sorry about your experience Austereorange. I have not had no shows but I am finding the process stressful too.

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