Good quality demising bathroom mirror with a good light

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GolightlyMrsGolightly Sat 05-Sep-20 09:43:47

Is there such a thing? They all seem to have led lights. Any suggestions. Ideally with a shaver point.

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Blue5238 Sat 05-Sep-20 10:58:38

Why wouldn't LED be good light?
I got one from here recently

It has demist, lights, socket. Comes fully assembled and solidly built

Blue5238 Sat 05-Sep-20 10:59:11

Sorry linked to their cabinets page but they also have just mirrors with similar function range

GolightlyMrsGolightly Sat 05-Sep-20 11:03:52

I didn’t think it wouldn’t be good, I just didn’t know. Thank you for the link.

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AuntImmortelle Sat 05-Sep-20 11:07:55

Ok so we bought a normal mirror and added a de-misting pad which the electrician fitted. Our mirror is one of those tilting ones that sits off the wall anyway. The we had two wall lights either side of the mirror.

A million times nicer than the all on one things you see for sale.

AuntImmortelle Sat 05-Sep-20 11:09:03

Last sentence there a bit odd!

A million times nicer than the all in one things you see on sale. IMO.

ScrapThatThen Sat 05-Sep-20 11:12:43

We got a roper Rhodes ex display unit with a demisting mirror and light from total bathrooms, we like it. The light is one you wave at. The mirror projects a little heat which can be nice. But boy I had a shock with how I actually look when I first got it, I guess the light meant a lot more detail!


ScrapThatThen Sat 05-Sep-20 11:16:54

It was this one in the photo and their book is here. But the ex display price obvs much less.

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