The best "white" paint

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SummerSummerSummertime Fri 04-Sep-20 18:46:08

Soo many variations.
What's your fave "white" ???

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FlumpetCrumpet Fri 04-Sep-20 19:58:54

Almost every room in our house is dulux almond white, it's a lovely warm creamy white without being yellow. Hallways and corridors are dulux timeless, it's much brighter and a whiter white than the almond white but without being cold. I like it for where there is no natural light.

3catsandcounting Fri 04-Sep-20 20:06:20

Dulux Timeless. I have it in 4 rooms either as a full room or a chimney breast or alcove. It's a lovely fresh off-white with no yellow/pink tones.

Beetle76 Fri 04-Sep-20 22:10:45

Dulux pure brilliant white. Bounces light around like it’s an art gallery. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s literally a blank canvas...

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Fri 04-Sep-20 22:40:53

Ditto to Dulux Timeless. Used it in an Edwardian maisonette, with brilliant white ceilings and covings.

Have also used Jasmine White in a more modern property - also worked v well with brilliant white ceiling etc.

DramaAlpaca Fri 04-Sep-20 22:43:05

Another vote for Dulux Pure Brilliant White. It's so bright and, well, white grin

Wearywithteens Fri 04-Sep-20 23:04:22

We painted our bedroom in F&B ‘All White’ and I loved it. When it came to patching it over I was horrified that my DH (who doesn’t believe in overpriced stuff) used Dulux Brilliant White. I was really cross, and he said ‘they’re both the same, you can’t tell’. I was throwing a tantrum saying ‘no it isn’t, look in the light, the F&B has a lovely Matt chalky look..’ he said ‘love, those are the Dulux bits.’

So now I’m a Dulux fan.


bigbradford Fri 04-Sep-20 23:32:57

FandB All White is their brightest white but it’s quite muted. Wimborne White is a warmer white. I have used their Wevet on our house in Cornwall interior and it’s beautiful. Match with All White on the woodwork.

I dislike yellow whites such as jasmine or magnolia which is a very warm beige white. I prefer stronger “whites” with brighter woodwork. F snd B do great inspiration photos and show how to combine colours, even their whites!

CurlyStrawsRock Sat 05-Sep-20 09:26:19

Valspar Himalayan Birch is lovely! If you get the premium 700 then it's scrubbable.

SummerSummerSummertime Sat 05-Sep-20 15:28:15

Ha! That's good to know @Wearywithteens grin

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GingerBeverage Sat 05-Sep-20 18:03:54

Dulux Trade Brilliant White.

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