How would you insulate this room?

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TyneFilth Fri 04-Sep-20 08:16:16

I have a typical suburban 30s semi, with a living room to the front with a curved bay window facing east.

We have ok double glazing (no trickle vents). The bay is made of brick which the surveyor pointed out must be single skin because the brick face you see outside is the end section. Upstairs bay is shingle tiled over the bricks.

The walls have unfilled cavities - seems obvious to get this filled but there could be an issue with inadequate/fatigued wall ties. There's only a tiny bit of external wall to this room but if not insulated it would become the heat leak/ cold spot I guess.

The floor is suspended over a void, with air bricks in the cavity wall sections, which may not be achieving much now there's carpet wall to wall.

There is a fireplace which has been closed up at the bottom but we can hear the wind so I think it hasn't been fully sealed.

We have a radiator on an internal wall. What I'd really like would be insulation and wet UFH between the floor joists (no radiator), a properly sealed up chimney, filled cavities, but what do I do about the single skin bay?

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Sun 06-Sep-20 10:57:13

The bay may not be a single skin. They could be half bricks. An insulating company should have a boroscope and they can drill a hole through the mortar and look inside the wall.
Or you can buy a small boroscope type camera for a smart phone (they are only about £10 or so, not very good quality though) and do it yourself.

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