Insurance claim water damage

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strawberrymelons Wed 02-Sep-20 18:08:03

Hoping to get an idea of what the insurance company are going to say when they come out.
Our shower looks like it has been leaking for a long time. It's inside a false wall and has basically be dripping inside there for a while- we only noticed because a patch came on the front part of the wall and when someone came to look and pulled the front off the shower tray - you could see it was coming from the wall. The chipboard floor will need replacing as soaked- and a few tiles on floor have cracked (obviously due to the damp)

So obviously the insurance will cover the wall that's completely damaged- and I assume the chip board floor. But in order to do this the entire shower would have to be ripped out. Will they cover that? And the whole bathroom floor tiles?

Any experience of a large claim? Will the really try not to pay if they can?


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Justpassingtime1 Wed 02-Sep-20 18:38:23

We had a leak from a pipe in the bath that came out in a torrent
leaving a large hole through the floor. Insurance sent out a loss
adjuster and they covered the replastering and repainting less
the excess. We had to obtain 3 quotes .
Leaks are happening all the time .Not sure about replacing the shower
tray etc

GizmoGremlin Wed 02-Sep-20 18:49:28

We recently made a claim for water damage. Anything fixed should be covered so, fixed flooring not carpet, plaster, tiles, bath/toilet/shower etc as they are all part of the building. Our was a big claim so took several months to get fully sorted out but they never argued over quotes etc, I only got 1 off each tradesman and they were all accepted no bother

strawberrymelons Thu 10-Sep-20 11:49:25

So did you get your own contractors in and insurance gave you the money?
We have had claim accepted and been advised either they can do the work or we can get our own contractors and take a cash settlement. And I'm not sure what's best

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GizmoGremlin Thu 10-Sep-20 11:58:34

Yes we got all our own tradesmen in and agreed a cash settlement with the insurers, it took a while because it was the whole downstairs that was affected, I think we had 2 smaller interim payments and then the final settlement about 6 weeks after. The insurers were happy because we claimed mid Feb and then covid happened so they had no contractors. We did a lot of the work ourselves, stripping back removing plaster etc then got contractors in

whatacrazytime Thu 10-Sep-20 11:59:20

My husband works a for a company that fixes insurance jobs this is the most common thing leaks in bathrooms. I would get a firm that deals with it or make sure the cash settlement will cover all the repairs.

strawberrymelons Thu 10-Sep-20 21:25:06

This is what I'm worried about- I want to take the cash cos I want to get a bigger shower and we will also be paying ourselves for extra tiling (as they'll only replace floor tiles and the walls are tiled the same)
But I'm worried that if there is further damage that they're not fully aware of until after they rip up the floor- if I've already accepted cash settlement it's too late?

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