No electrical certificate, will indemnity insurance be accepted?

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Lovetodaydream Mon 31-Aug-20 20:37:25

We have agreed a sale on our house and today filled in the form from the solicitor and it asked for the electrical certificate for the rewire carried out in 2014. I cant find it anywhere. I have every other certificate for work done at the same time. I am going to try and contact the builder tomorrow that coordinated it all but I do know he has retired now due to ill health. I had a look on the niceic website as there is a register but it looks like whoever did it is registered elsewhere. He is definitely registered with someone, I remember getting the certificate through the post .
If we can't a certificate, what can we do? Will indemnity insurance be enough?

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20viona Mon 31-Aug-20 20:41:46

Yes indemnity insurance will be fine think it was about £20 when did it last year.

Funnyfive Tue 01-Sep-20 08:28:24

The certificate will be logged with your local building control department - they should be able to provide a copy.

Justpassingtime1 Tue 01-Sep-20 09:04:49

Saw your post and am in a similar position. What certification do you need exactly?
Would it just be for the upgrades you did or do you have to have the whole building covered by a cert?

FurierTransform Tue 01-Sep-20 11:41:42

Lots of people no longer have the original installation certs, & it's quite common for them to have never been issued/not exist... cheap Indemnity policy, albeit pointless, should cover the 'paperwork' side.

More usefully, you can offer to do/the buyers can do an EICR if they want reassurance - it's a detailed inspection/report of the electrics/testing of circuits etc & only costs a few £hundred.

Lurchermom Tue 01-Sep-20 12:14:40

We've just asked a local company to come and do a review of the work and sign it off / do any work necessary to sign it off. My DH is an ex-sparky but no longer carries the right sign off credentials so he has constantly done work on our house over the past decade but we needed it signing off now. Not sure how much it will cost us but not loads - just a different alternative to getting Indemnity Insurance.

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