Integrated extractor fan which one

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lolalita74 Sun 30-Aug-20 19:15:05

need a good integrated extractor fan. Not sure which Brand also not too expensive Kitchen seller pushing for Elica or Neff. Not sure what to pick.

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bouncydog Sun 30-Aug-20 19:20:43

You need to calculate what power extractor you need for the room size and go from there. We have a Neff which is good but there are some small extra powerful ones. If you google for the calculation you should then be able to draw up a short list.

PigletJohn Sun 30-Aug-20 19:57:49

You mean "fitting in a cabinet above the cooker that matches the wall cabinets?

I'd go for Elica.

here are some examples.

Contact them and ask for their glossy brochure (their website is terrible) there is a very wide range and you can compare air throughput and noise ratings. You will probably have it running at low speed most of the time and turn it up when cooking flambé, steaks or curries.

Will you be venting it through the wall directly behind the cooker, or will it need a duct to reach an outside wall?

How many cubic metres (length by breadth by height) is your kitchen or other area that the cooker will be in? Does it have a stove or fire with a working chimney? (gas, wood, coal or multifuel?)

I prefer one that is wider than the hob, to catch steam or fumes that drift sideways. This can also be achieved by constructing the cabinet so the bottom is higher than the sides and front, forming an inverted tray. Steam will rise into this and be sucked away.

As you will see from the technical drawings, the hole through the wall will be higher than the fan unit, because the vent comes out of the top and then needs an elbow.

PigletJohn Sun 30-Aug-20 20:02:14

have it at a height that nobody can possily bash their head on. The figures usually quoted are the minimum safe height above the hob, it is not obligatory to have it at face height.

PigletJohn Sun 30-Aug-20 20:04:18


you'll find a link for the "hood size calculator" in my link. Be generous, you don't want it running at full power all the time because that will be noisier than low power.

lolalita74 Sun 30-Aug-20 20:52:50

It's going to be a duct to reach an outside wall.
Its an open plan kitchen with an island. Opposite of the island will be the TV lounge.
Read lot of bad reviews about Elica cloud 7 and Elica hi light.

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PigletJohn Sun 30-Aug-20 22:10:19

oh, you want a ceiling hood over an island?

used to be popular in large hotels and restaurants

will need to be very powerful due to ease of drift.


LovingLola Sun 30-Aug-20 22:13:36

I would really rethink having the hob in the Island

lolalita74 Sun 30-Aug-20 22:45:00

Its above the island into the celling x

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lolalita74 Sun 30-Aug-20 22:47:00

PigletJohn you seem very knowledgeable. I am unfortunately not. Could use your good advise please. Which one would you suggest.
The reviews on the Elica are really bad.

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PigletJohn Sun 30-Aug-20 23:22:50

I don't know the two you mention. Not keen on ceiling extractors. Or open-plan kitchens. Or islands. Sorry.

The Elibloc and similar seem fine to me, but are wall mounted so not what you want.

wonkylegs Mon 31-Aug-20 01:13:04

The last client that I had that put one of the flush ceiling ones put in a luxair one which is fab (quiet, powerful, looks good and has good guarantee) but I suspect out of your budget
The kitchen guy I work with said that neff flush ones are ok Just not in the same league.
Flush ones tend to be more expensive than the ones that drop down from the ceiling because the motors are designed to be small enough to fit in your ceiling space whilst also powerful and quiet.

wohmum Mon 31-Aug-20 01:23:27

We had a down draft extractor fitted on our island seems to work well enough although we don’t use it a lot

lolalita74 Mon 31-Aug-20 07:59:29

Wonkylegs which Flush one? Can't seem to find it onlind. What's the reference please.

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lolalita74 Mon 31-Aug-20 08:01:01

Is Flush from Neff?

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