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pandora206 Sun 30-Aug-20 14:44:54

I'm in the process of replacing my old built-in sliding wardrobe and feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices. I think I've finally settled on something at last and I'm close to ordering. For the width of my opening I could choose either two or three doors. I currently have two, which is fine, but I thought having three might give better access as well as being a change. However, I wondered whether there would there be any disadvantages with having a middle sliding door (rather than two larger ones)?

Views appreciated.

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Olayolay Sun 30-Aug-20 16:13:47

I have both. If the space is less than 2m, 2 doors. If above that, 3 doors. I prefer 3 doors. Gives better access. However 3 small doors looks a bit naff. Make sure they are fitted will and slide smoothly. Taller doors can sometimes not slide smoothly.

pandora206 Sun 30-Aug-20 20:05:20

Thanks Olayolay.

My width is just under 2m so I think I'll stick (!) with two doors as it may look cluttered with three in a smallish room. I'm going to pay extra for soft close this time as my last ones didn't run very smoothly at all and eventually buckled the track. My builder says he's fitted lots (and came recommended via the local AgeUK site, and has been fine with other work he has done for me) so I'm expecting a good job.

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