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OhToBeASeahorse Sat 29-Aug-20 19:55:57

Having our kitchen redone and wondered if anybody had used a shade that they think could work. I find the testers are so often not what they look like!

Kitchen cabinets are navy, tops are slightly sparkly white quartz, floor is a mid oak. We have a brightly coloured (pinks/blues/oranges) piece of art which will take quite a prominent place.

Assuming a neutral but do we go slightly grey? Or cream? Or blue?

All.our woodwork is Dulux Timeless.

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MistressMounthaven Sun 30-Aug-20 07:29:45

Any of them .........might depend on the shade of the floor. Whether a goldie mid oak, or a pinky mid oak. I can't get past putting testers on the wall as the only sure way.

Iheardit Sun 30-Aug-20 18:11:51

Dulux have a really good app, you take a picture of the wall/walls you want painting and then can try the colours on the wall. We used it and the colour transferred from screen to wall really well. No colour distortion

Kamma89 Sun 30-Aug-20 18:21:53

I wouldn't go grey with that combination. As pp have said, floor tone will have a huge influence & paint big strips of lining paper with tester pots & move them around the room at different times of day to see what they look like in different light.

wonkylegs Sun 30-Aug-20 18:39:58

With the floor, units & worktop colour I would go brilliant white and let the artwork give you the colour

Brilliant white would make the navy, oak and colourful artwork pop
Yes it's not exciting

CurlyStrawsRock Sun 30-Aug-20 18:52:55

Can you post a pic at all? I agree about not using grey, Dulux Timeless has a more cream colouring to it which grey wouldn't go with. If you painted the woodwork our brilliant white you'd have more colour options. Valspar have so many colours and their colour chart cards are in most B&Qs. Took us a while but decided on Moon Shade by Valspar and it has a blue element to it even though it's grey.

DramaAlpaca Sun 30-Aug-20 18:54:36

I'd go pure brilliant white as a pp said.


OhToBeASeahorse Sun 30-Aug-20 18:55:12

Kitchen isn't in yet so I can't take a picture.

This is all really helpful, thanks. For the downstairs loo we are going a really strong, dark colour which was so much easier to decide on!

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Bluesheep8 Mon 31-Aug-20 07:42:50

I'd go neutral with a pinky undertone. F and B Dimity for example.

OhToBeASeahorse Mon 31-Aug-20 08:39:04

Gosh that is beautiful!!!

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Baxdream Mon 31-Aug-20 09:00:52

We have a very similar kitchen. We initially painted the walls grey. It just didn't work at all.
We've now got it farrow and ball shadow white and it's beautiful!

TokenGinger Mon 31-Aug-20 09:06:52

I saved this photo from a DIY page I'm on. It's not my photo. I saved it because I love the colour scheme for the kitchen and I'd like similar for when we do ours.

Their floor and worktop colours are the opposite way around to yours, but I think they have the walls right with white.

I'd definitely paint it brilliant white.

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