Redhill property and schools

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Rs2018 Sat 29-Aug-20 12:43:03

We are considering buying in Redhill. Any ideas on areas to avoid in Redhill? And how are the schools? Greatly appreciate any input

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Rs2018 Sat 29-Aug-20 12:44:29

Redhill inSurrey to be precise

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Angliski Sat 29-Aug-20 12:45:55

I’d go for one of the cute village areas just outside like Leigh or Nutfield. We lived in Godstone for a few years.

Rs2018 Sat 29-Aug-20 13:17:52

We need to be near the station as we need to commute to London

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JoJoSM2 Sat 29-Aug-20 16:33:25

Also, the planes fly right over Leigh.

This is where you can have a look at schools in Redhill.

sunshinesupermum Sat 29-Aug-20 20:10:22

DD lives on the Watercolour Estate and loves it as its by a nature reserve.
20 min walk to Redhill station and 30 mins to Central London. She's happy with DGS primary school.

mangocoveredlamb Sat 29-Aug-20 20:32:16

If you want to be on that Trainline I’d say bothe earlswood and Merstham are nicer and have better communities. Redhill is about to get a new cinema complex so that should help the town centre a lot.
Primary wise most of the schools are good or very good. Secondary, there is a new secondary in merstham that’s an unknown, Warwick has historically had issues and recently had a bad ofsted, and catchment for reigate school is tight. Plenty of private options too. Plus RAA which is a state boarding school which takes star day pupils for a fraction of the price of private.


Rs2018 Sat 29-Aug-20 22:40:32

Seeing some properties near Earlswood primary..

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WombatChocolate Sun 30-Aug-20 13:36:58

Earlswood is good. Being about 3/4 miles south of main town centre, it feels villagey and not so urban, but has easy access to Redhill station for very frequent fast trains, plus it's own station on the mainline too.

Earlswood primary schools plus St John's primary across the A23 coukd he the school you'll get depending on where exactly you live. Use Surrey school website to check using postcodes.

Another nice are is known by Eastate agents as Redgate - near Raffels bridge and between Reigate and Redhill - on the borders. Easy walking distance to station and nice Victorian houses and walking distance to Reigate too. There's a newish primary nearby.

When choosing where to live, look at secondaries too. Some areas of Redhill (like Meadvale) are in Reigate School catchment whisky mots if rEdhill is Warwick which has been more variable. If you're a regular Chruch goers (think at least fortnightly for 3 years for the full Church reference) then you can get into St Bedes which is the most academically successful and has a 6th Form (unlike all the other Reigate state secondaries which feed Reigate College) from anywhere in Redhill, Reugate and surrounding areas...big catchment area for those meeting the religious criteria.

Lots of people like Merstham too - one station up the line towards London and parts like Park 25 walkable to Redhill station. There's a big council estate (quite a bit privately owned but lots still social housing) which feeds Furzefireld Primary, plus the older part of Merstham, - lots of Vuctorian houses which mostly feeds Merstham primary. Again. Like Earkswood, Merstham has a community feel and is both part of Redhill but also its own place. The kids from there are mostly going to the Warwick or in time their nearest is the newly opened Lime Tree secondary, where a primary also opened maybe 4 years ago.

You'll find you can get 3 bed terrace/semi from around £350k in some of the cheaper parts, and pay up to £900k for similar big semis or detached in the more desirable parts.

Then there are the villages to the east like Nutfield, Bletchingley, Godstone, or areas going south like Outwood, Smallfield, Salfords and Reigate and villages to west. They might feed Redhill secondaries but would have own primaries and you'd mostly need a car or decent bike ride to get to Redhill station for the mainline, as their stations tend to be on the branch lines and you'd need to change at Redhill.

Redhill is getting a long drawn out facelift. The cinema and lots of modern flats, plus new shops are being built. The town centre has had several revamps and a big new Sainsbury's. It's not a fancy town but a practical one, having M and S, WH Smiths, Boots etc and a few clothes stores and perhaps less cafes and restuarants than a town of its size might have. It's got quite a mixed population in terms of affluence, with some of Surreys poorest neighbourhoods having RH1 postcodes or being with Reigste and Banstead council....and you see the mix in Redhill town centre,mbut there are relatively few family homes right in the centre and peoole moving to the area tend to go for places like Earlswood, Meadvale, St John's, Mertham, Redgate rather than thebtowncentre, unless buying the new build flats.

WombatChocolate Sun 30-Aug-20 13:40:46

Oh and Park 25 and Watercolour are 2 big estates built maybe 15 years ago between Mertham and Redhill. They are also options and I guess why Lime Tree schools were built, although not on either estate. On both estates you can get decent sized modern houses probably a bit cheaper than some of the more expensive areas of Redhill. Have a look at the parking and traffic though - they seem to have been built assumi people have fewer cars than thry do and won't park where they do, causing some congested spots at peak times. But actually the traffic around all of the schools isn't great at drop off and pick up time, so being able to walk, at least to primary is a big bonus.

Rs2018 Sun 30-Aug-20 15:46:18

Thank you so much.. so hopefully will try and stick to the Earlswood area as it seems to be better from what I have been finding out

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Hopefulbride18 Sun 30-Aug-20 16:41:34

Earlswood is a great choice! We moved here 4 years ago and no regrets.

House currently on the market too as we’re looking for a bigger place now I wonder if you’ve viewed it grin

sunshinesupermum Sun 30-Aug-20 19:40:17

Lime tree primary is where my grandsons go. Very happy there

sunshinesupermum Sun 30-Aug-20 19:42:17

They walk from Watercolour btw

Rs2018 Sun 30-Aug-20 21:28:58

Viewing next week.. maybe viewing yours as wellgrin

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Rs2018 Sun 30-Aug-20 21:31:24

Warwick seems to be the closest secondary to most properties although my daughter has about 10 years more for secondary.

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WombatChocolate Mon 31-Aug-20 14:46:13

Lots of people are happy with Warwick. It is the school which struggles most t maintain good Ofsted ratings. It seems to get a 'requires improvement' and then attract extra funding and help and improve...but only for a short while. It does have the more challenging and varied children so it's not surprising really. Lots of people look at Meadvale part of Redhill (on border with Reigate but not so close to Redhill station) to get Reigate School instead. Some parts of Earlswood very close to the A23 might have Reigste school as their closest too....but look at the Surrey pages 'how places were previously allocated' to see the distance thry took to (no set catchment areas, just go as far as they can take and include 'nearest school' within that)

It depends on your attitude to schools. You might be quite laid back or more fixed on the kind of school you want/don't want. Secondary applications come round faster than you think and likely secondary does impact price too. That said, distances are only likely to reduce over time, so buying somewhere which would just scrapes into Reigate school today, is unlikely to still scrape in inn10 years unless there is big expansion. It's hard to make a school place a dead cert unless you really live on top of it.

Most people don't want to keep moving as its so expensive, so try to find somewhere that suits for both primary and secondary. It's a big ask if you need walking access to a train station too and aren't minted!

You might be able to make a map with the schools on it and draw circles round them to show how far the catchments went in the last few years - this might help you spit likely roads which also have access to rail.....of course this is all pretty scientific and many people are not as bothered by schools as to do all feel free if you think I'm a bit crazy. Never take the word an estate agent Bout school catchments...L they often know very little on this topic and it's always best to check with council or school and remember things do change, so always get as close as you can if schools are a big factor.

Rs2018 Mon 31-Aug-20 22:18:56

Thank you very Much for taking time to give very important info. Really appreciate it

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