Marble tiles - anyone used Tiles Porcelain?

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BBCONEANDTWO Sat 29-Aug-20 09:31:48

Hi there,
Saw some gorgeous marble tiles online and wondered if anyone had used this company before? Just to see if they are legit.

Prices seem to be really good

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JoJoSM2 Sat 29-Aug-20 10:05:13

How much is the marble and what marble is it? What’s the grade of it? Places like Mandarin Stone specialise in stone so you could compare the specs and prices with them.

BBCONEANDTWO Sat 29-Aug-20 10:29:18

It's this one - it's absolutely gorgeous:

Silver Emperador Marble Tiles cost is £39.97 m2.

I know this is a lot cheaper than if I went to a local tile shop and understand it's not going to be the grade of say a high hotel - but how do I check what the grade is?
I was more worried that they might not deliver etc.

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Amber0685 Sat 29-Aug-20 10:47:11

Just be careful that it wears well. I have seen marble floors that didn't.

BBCONEANDTWO Sat 29-Aug-20 11:07:07

Do you think I might be better going the porcelain option? They are cheaper but it's the thought of the luxury of having marble as the prices are so good.

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dany174 Sat 29-Aug-20 11:19:42

Marble is a pain in the bathroom. We have it in ours (previous owner installed it). I cant use any normal bathroom cleaning products and you cant place any metal on it. It stains so easily, and the darker the marble the more noticeable. A few months ago I had to pay £300 just to get it sanded, re-polished and resealed because of limescale damage.

nomdeguerrrr Sat 29-Aug-20 11:33:38

This is a legit shop. They have a showroom just outside of Durham. I've not bought from them. I expect they could send you a sample.

Using polished marble on floors will be slippery. As pp mentioned, they will also be a Pita to keep clean and not damage


nomdeguerrrr Sat 29-Aug-20 11:42:10

From a practical perspective, yes porcelain is better. Not all porcelain tiles will be cheaper. There are some good copies of marble out there

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 29-Aug-20 11:50:54

I would always go for the porcelain alternative just on being practical option.

I have heard how marble can stain easily.

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