Am I right to be worried?

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chimichangaz Sat 29-Aug-20 09:15:31

I've sold to ftb (3 aug) and had an offer accepted on another property on 10 aug. The lady I'm buying from had offered on a property which they'd accepted without her having put her house on the market, and gave her three weeks to sell (which she did - I was the first to view). I've asked the EA I'm buying through this week what their timescales are; they've found out my seller's seller is buying a new build but her EA don't know anything about it like, for example, whether it's even built yet. The EA has left me a message saying they are still struggling to get the info from the other EA and will try again after the BH weekend. I'm now a bit nervous about this as it sounds like delaying tactics from my seller's seller/EA. I'm thinking of saying to the EA that I suggest their seller calls round to the house she's buying from and speaks to the vendors to find out what the situation is, and also asking them whether she's had the paperwork through etc as I think I if she hasn't that's another warning sign.

I'm also starting to look at what else is available in case the chain falls through - am I worrying too much? I have seen another suitable property online, but it's with the same agent I'm currently buying through.....

Apologies for all the seller/buyer/vendor/EA mentions - hope I haven't confused you all... grin

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HooseDilemma Sat 29-Aug-20 09:20:04

Nope not too worried. Just tell the agent that until you receive confirmation that things are progressing, you'll keep looking.

And tbh booking a viewing on the other property you like would be a great way of demonstrating your seriousness!

But perhaps i'm just a buyer fed up of estate agents, vendors and all their bullshit!

chimichangaz Sun 30-Aug-20 23:06:47

Thanks @HooseDilemma
I rang the agent yesterday and told them I'm continuing to look; he's going to let the staff member managing the sale know. He was also verrrrrry reluctant to make an appointment for me to view the 'new' property..

Will see what Tuesday brings 🤞🏻

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