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Schmoody Fri 28-Aug-20 22:28:26

There are loads of new estates going up around where we live and we have taken a real liking to one particular style in a development that is very conveniently placed for us as a family. It's obviously not just us; the saleswoman says that we can go on the waiting list for houses that may be ready in 2022/23 but people in a proceedable position get first dibs, so ideally we should sell our house and move in to rented to be in with a shot when plots are released.
Like heck will we. Anything could happen to the economy over the next few years, and if these houses really are so in demand, they're bound to go up beyond our price range while we're using up capital renting.
Outside of all the usual discussions about what the economy and house prices will do, do big building companies ever lower their prices in bad times or do they just stop building?
What I'm really asking is whether to give up hope of this dream house and either look elsewhere/sit tight, or think the saleswoman might be counting her chickens before her eggs have hatched?

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Kipperandarthur Fri 28-Aug-20 23:58:30

She is counting her chickens and giving you a load of ridiculous sales pater. Ultimately these companies end up lowering their prices. Just like they are where I live in an attractive market town where house prices are high. Most new build houses are overpriced.

Schmoody Sat 29-Aug-20 02:23:34

Cheers Kipper. That's what I hoped!

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