LVT Flooring installers in NW London

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Lat321 Fri 28-Aug-20 14:53:47

Hi, this is more in hope than expectation.

We are looking to replace flooring on ground floor with LVT. Ideally we were looking to get Polyflor installed as it's cheaper than karndean but I can't seem to find any local suppliers. I sent an email to Polyflor asking this but no response.

So if anyone can recommend any LVT installers they have used, appreciate it. We are in Ruislip area in NW London.

Many thanks

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southbailey Fri 28-Aug-20 21:06:11

Not sure about polyfloor but I used Busby's in Ruislip manor a couple of years ago. Planned to use hoopers in N Harrow but they were appalling at getting back to me.

PeterPomegranate Fri 28-Aug-20 22:09:07

Again don’t know about LVT but in contrast to above we’ve always had positive experience with Hoopers for carpets. We’ve also used Raydels in Pinner and happy with them.

Mosaic123 Sat 29-Aug-20 01:19:51

LBT Flooring in Loughton.

Lat321 Sat 29-Aug-20 07:17:48

Thank you for your replies.

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Thisismynewname123 Sun 30-Aug-20 17:54:37

We got our flooring from klynstone, NW10. Definitely recommend them. It's off the North circular opposite Ikea.

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