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Silestone worktops - Lagoon, Bianco Rivers or Statuario?

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WoolyMammoth55 Thu 27-Aug-20 23:20:12

Hello team,

(First up, sorry for annoyingly specific request!) We are finalising prices on the kitchen island worktop and want something white which looks (a bit) like marble.

My DH really loves the Calacatta effect of the big lines across the whole surface - I'm more swayed by if it looks marble-ier vs the dramatic lines, but then I do want him to be happy (esp since it's a lot of money at the end of a Covid, over-budget refurb project!)

So we originally chose Statuario, which seemed like a good compromise. But the dealer has fairly significantly better prices on Lagoon and Bianco Rivers. Thing is, we haven't seen those in big formats and the showroom is annoyingly far away...

Has anyone chosen or been close to choosing these colours? Any feedback or thoughts? We are basically balancing our considerable feeling of overwhelm with the fact that saving a few hundred quid won't be worth it if we ultimately like it much less...

Any opinions or advice would be very gratefully received <3

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WoolyMammoth55 Thu 27-Aug-20 23:25:20

Also does anyone have strong opinions about the polished vs suede finish? I like both, think suede looks more modern but was a bit worried it might be harder to clean...? Polished looks like everything will slide off it more easily! smile

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thenightsky Thu 27-Aug-20 23:28:28

I've got silestone and its fab. Its the shiny version and I can't remember the name of the colour. Yes, it does show all the marks, but is sooo mega easy to clean with an e-cloth.

mumdone Fri 28-Aug-20 05:32:13

I’m looking at those things 2. I’ve only seen the slabs in photos but the blanco seems a bit lighter so less dramatic. Both really nice

WoolyMammoth55 Fri 28-Aug-20 08:47:56

Thanks both! Anyone who has these colours able to advise? smile

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Tinkletwat Mon 07-Sep-20 21:21:05

Bit late to this but we're looking at the whiteish marble Silestone. I saw an island in the showroom this weekend with suede Statuario and I thought it looked more like laminate than marble. Made me decide to pick the polished finish.

GreatestShowUnicorn Mon 07-Sep-20 21:30:10

Totally not relevant but I read the title as stiletto workshop!

dotoallasyouwouldbedoneby Mon 07-Sep-20 21:46:35

I have and prefer the polished finish. It is very easy to keep clean. I have the silestone blanco stellar which has a slight green fleck to it along with silver sparkly bits which I love but which were not apparent on the sample I saw! It's an all-white kitchen.

I would probably choose the eternal calacatta gold in your shoes as I love the carrara marble look. I think Lagoon and Lyra look a bit too much like varicose veins though! Statuario looks like a cop out potentially. Go dramatic so there will be no regrets later.

butterry Mon 07-Sep-20 21:48:28

If you want bigger veining then go with the Statuario. It's too much money to go for a different look, especially if you haven't seen the other options. I think Statuario is almost in the highest Silestone price bracket (?) but for good reason -it looks amazing!

WoolyMammoth55 Wed 09-Sep-20 10:00:23

Thanks all - really grateful for the input! Polished Statuario it is smile

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Lily7050 Mon 14-Sep-20 10:56:25

Hello ladies,
Just wondering whether you got upstand and splashback in Silestone as well?

WoolyMammoth55 Mon 14-Sep-20 12:23:37

Hi @Lily7050 - we are doing our island with sink unit in Silestone with 'waterfall sides' (a bit like this, fingers crossed! but then doing tiles and oak on the - no sink so I hope low-maintenance! - l-shaped bit.

Everything else is really simple - slab doors in all one colour etc - so I'm trying to mix it up with the worktops! If I was doing more design elements on the unit fronts, or open shelves or anything, then I might well have done... I really like the warmth of the oak and the coolness of the Stauario, if you see what I mean.

We're also not putting a panel on the 'underneath' section of the island back (where the stools tuck into) and tiling that to match the tiled splashback. Epoxy grout so should be basically waterproof and easier to clean than normal grout.

Sure it will look great whatever you decide! Best of luck! X

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LovingLola Mon 14-Sep-20 12:29:59

We have bianco maple
Got the upstand also
Splashback is a light blue glass

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