Roughly how much should new windows and doors cost?

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HappyDinosaur Tue 25-Aug-20 12:45:28

We've been quoted around 12/13k to have our doors and windows replaced in an oldish cottage, is this a sensible number?

It's for the following:

3x PVC glazed doors
1x composite front door
8 x large windows (4 x top and bottom opening and 4 top only opening)
2 x small windows

All with cottage bars, quote is for fitting, disposing of old ones etc.

What do you think? Is this more/less than others have paid?

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TrickyKid Tue 25-Aug-20 12:48:13

Upvc rather than wooden I guess for that price? Sounds very reasonable.

HappyDinosaur Tue 25-Aug-20 12:48:54

Yes sorry, upvc for the windows.

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Alexalee Tue 25-Aug-20 14:34:40

Sounds expensive to me, usually rough budget for upvc is 1k a door and 500 a window so I would expect 9/10 k

silkpashmina Tue 25-Aug-20 14:45:57

I have just had 9 windows, french doors with sidelights, glazed door and front composite door done for 6.5k.

dany174 Tue 25-Aug-20 14:53:08

Just paid around 6k for Rehau windows.

2 UPVC glazed doors
6 Large windows
1 small window

no cottage bars, including fitting and disposal of old ones.

I did have 4 companies come round and quote me. The ones I went for where not the cheapest but I preferred the quality.

Sunnyshores Sat 29-Aug-20 16:47:21

I dont know, but dont use Anglian - they are seriously causing me so much stress

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