Wraparound extension

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IggettyZiggetty Mon 24-Aug-20 13:03:50

Just wondering whether people with experience of this think it’s sensible to start an extension at the moment?

My main concerns are:

1. Covid causing delays. E.g if there are issues with supplies, another lockdown, the team of builders having to self isolate etc.
(Builders have said that supply issues have improved and they don’t have major concerns but obviously can’t guarantee there won’t be disruptions.)
2. I’m pregnant and due in January. Is this enough time to get it done? (Builders have said 12 weeks under normal circumstances and should be done before Christmas but they can’t guarantee it.)

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ShirleyPhallus Mon 24-Aug-20 13:05:48

Neither of those would be huge concerns for me, what would be a bigger concern is the long term financial impact

If either you or your partner would be made redundant over the next year or two would you regret having the building work done and prefer to keep the cash?

IggettyZiggetty Mon 24-Aug-20 19:17:08

Hmmm...well the cash would obviously be useful. But the house would be much more liveable with the extension!

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wineymummy Tue 25-Aug-20 06:44:18

Have you got planning permission? Wraparound isn't usually permitted development.

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