Fitted bedroom wardrobes - money saving advice!

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WoolyMammoth55 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:35:01

Hello all,

Finally we're approaching the light at the end of the tunnel of our extension and renovation. I'm also pregnant with DS2 and WOAH it's been a tougher combination than I expected!

We are seriously low on funds to finish - everything has been slower and pricier than anticipated - thanks pandemic!

However, we are keen to try to get some wardrobes fitted in the master bedroom. Feel like it would be a shame to do them later and get sawdust all over the new carpets...

The pic shows my pinterest wardrobe goals - love a bit of rattan! - except that it'll be 2 wardrobes either side of the chimney breast, not a whole wall like here.

SO: I need to hack these for the lowest price poss.
Have a joiner who says he can build the frames in a day and a half but I should source the doors and internal storage to keep budget low.
DH is not massively DIY handy but is a trier (bless him!) and we've watched some "add rattan panels to your doors" youtube videos and he's happy to give it a go.
My questions are:
- where to buy decent quality door frames? Or should we just go to Ikea since we're cutting out the middle panels anyway?
- what about sourcing the storage internals - again my mind goes straight to Ikea but is there a better way?
- Is there another way to do this cheaply that I'm not aware of that would be better all round?

Lastly, one contractor said not to build any parts that aren't visible - i.e. no back and sides, just the front piece - partly a money saving suggestion I think but also to do with avoiding damp in the recently re-plastered alcoves. Says we can just screw internals directly on the plaster.
Joiner wants to build it all in but I guess would charge more for that smile does anyone know which is preferable?

Thanks for any and all thoughts!

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Mon 24-Aug-20 12:04:20

I would agree with 'fronts only' it's a lot less work and so a lot less costly. You can then fit a rail across perhaps with a shelf above, or two rails, one above the other if you have a lot of shorter items e.g. tops/shirts/suits. A rail full of clothes is heavy so going directly into the wall will allow you to have more substantial fixings.
Look in places like B&Q for internal drawer units etc.

Rosehip345 Mon 24-Aug-20 12:09:56

Fronts only is a good idea. I built ours and the frames. Get on YouTube there’s some good how to videos and it’d be a fraction of the cost of paying someone to do it.

Rosehip345 Mon 24-Aug-20 12:11:08

Internally I did shelves and a rail.

WoolyMammoth55 Mon 24-Aug-20 14:28:35

Thanks all - checking out B&Q now... smile

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