Nice area vs. bigger house?

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ArtemisBean Mon 24-Aug-20 07:37:50

DH and I are looking to move in the next few years. We have two options: a full-scale relocation to a cheaper part of the UK where we could afford a much bigger family house and big garden. Or stay within 30 miles of where we are now, which is a beautiful area we're very happy in but where property prices are insane and we could afford something only slightly bigger than we've already got. Has anyone else been in this position? What did you choose and do you feel you made the right choice? So torn currently! We have a two-year-old DS and another one on the way so the extra space a much bigger house and garden would give would be amazing, but on the other hand there are great schools round here and we're so much closer to family and employment opportunities. I guess what it boils down to is that if we stay round here we'd be paying for convenience, rather than square footage!

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testingtesting101 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:15:46

Wherever you go I would place schools at the forefront. It also sounds like you are in a great area and near family and I would be loathe to throw those things away. Is there a compromise e.g. a bigger house on a busier road see this thread:

or a renovation?

Porridgeoat Mon 24-Aug-20 08:19:52

Stay put and buy a house that can be improved or extended in the future.

You clearly like your area. Why move? The nice thing about having a smaller space is owning less clutter and having a simpler life style.

JoJoSM2 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:23:08

I’m sure there are other attractive areas that are good places to live in the UK (job opportunities, good schools, activities etc) and cheaper than your ‘insanely’ priced area.

If you were thinking of staying with 30miles, we are talking a very large patch. I think you could get some good area suggestions on here if you asked.

ladybirdsarelovely33 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:24:40

We have done the latter- stayed closer to family and work but in a smaller place than if we were to leave our city.
Having said that, local schools are very mixed.
We will eventually extend.
However, wherever you move to, you really want to research your area.

Whatthebloodyell Mon 24-Aug-20 08:31:42

30 miles Is a pretty massive area. I live in a very expensive town in the south west but if I moved 30 Miles away I could get something twice the size with land for the cost of my teeny 3 bed terrace. Moving hundreds of miles away seems rather drastic.

notmrscookie Mon 24-Aug-20 09:01:57

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Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Mon 24-Aug-20 09:26:29

I think it really depends on the particulars of the new area. Where you are you know what you're getting. If you move there will be a certain amount of the unknown initially. I'd do a proper internet reccie and then also go and stay in the new area for a bit in an air BnB if you can afford/have the time. That way you will get more of a feel for it.
You have the luxury of a couple of years to decide and younger kids who aren't settled into schools etc... that age it is an easy transition (although the packing is a nightmare) I moved many times when mine were that age for work.
Personally I've always been on the side of picking an interesting area where I know people but am currently considering moving somewhere much quieter for more space.

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Mon 24-Aug-20 09:27:32

If you intend to be long term cast an eye over secondary schools as well, it comes around sooner than you'd think!

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