Thoughts on ease/cost of moving fuse box and electricity meter?

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gingerbubs Sun 23-Aug-20 19:22:45

My parents have just moved into a new house, a Victorian semi, and had hoped to put a loo under the stairs. However, it is proving more difficult than they expected. Have had a few plumbers had a look who all say (very understandably!) that as the electrics are housed there they couldn't safely plumb in a toilet. My parents are feeling like it is impossible, but I wonder about the practicality and cost of moving the electrics elsewhere. Electrics are currently at the red X. I have a kind of similar semi and my electrics are in the press/cupboard in the living room - marked with a blue X on the photo. Does anyone have experience of moving electrics and know how possible and costly it may be to move them to the cupboard? The wall they are on is the outside wall at the side of the house and the cupboard is closer to the street than current location. I don't want to encourage them to look into it/get quotes if it's impossible or stupidly expensive.
Thank you!

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ParsleyThyme Sun 23-Aug-20 20:00:56

We're having an extension built and getting the electrics moved. It is costing us £1100 just for UK Power networks to move the main board about 3-4 metres to the outside of the house. They will only install where it is possible to stand (not where there is limited headroom). We also need a trench dug from the new junction with the old cable to the meter box for them to install the board into.

I think the meter move is free by our supplier. We will be paying for the electrician to move/replace the consumer unit to our desired location, but I don't have a separate cost for this.

All in all, I think you're looking at a couple of grand. You can contact your electricity distributor for a survey/quote.

gingerbubs Sun 23-Aug-20 20:21:21

Thanks Parsley. That's an answer I was afraid of but also expecting. Don't want to encourage them to look into it if the cost would be a no go, but probably worth getting proper quotes. Ta! Would still welcome any other stories about how expensive it is 😆

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AyeCorona1 Sun 23-Aug-20 20:32:37

If the current electrics are quite old, it could cost a small fortune for an electrician to do the fuse box - all to current regs, plus may need other bits rewiring too.

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