If you have different colour kitchen cupboards above and below...

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LifeInAHamsterWheel Sat 22-Aug-20 20:30:58

What colour is your fridge freezer cabinet?

In the process of getting a new kitchen and I've decided I want white cupboards on top and dark blue on the ground. But the fridge freezer will be in an integrated cabinet so is dark blue ok for that??

I have hated our kitchen for so long I couldn't wait to change it. Now the time has finally come I'm finding it so stressful!! I thought it would be easy...

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RealityExistsInTheHumanMind Sat 22-Aug-20 21:29:49

I think that will look stunning

7to25 Sun 23-Aug-20 06:30:34

Careful observation of too many home improvement programmes tells me to go for the blue/darker/base cabinet colour for the full length units.

botswanabanana Sun 23-Aug-20 07:32:51

It should be the lower ones. But two colours on cabinets is really a trick used to break up huge expanses of cupboards/ islands in large kitchens. May not look very good if it's a smaller space.....

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