Amending Mortgage Offer and Rate Change

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FManc Sat 22-Aug-20 20:20:24

Hi. We recently had a mortgage offer approved subject to valuation with Santander. The valuation ended up coming back lower than our offer so we have had to renegotiate on price which now means the mortgage paperwork needs to be amended which we're doing this week with the MA. Since we applied, the original product (75% LTV for 5 years) we applied for has slightly gone up in both mortgage rate and product free (1.59% and £649 product fee vs the current 1.79% and £999 product fee). Even though we've renogiatied on the price we'll be keeping the same product (putting more down and just borrowing less) and we were wondering if Santander still honour the initial rate we applied for or will we now have to accept the higher fees?

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