Alternative to Ikea varda brown wood stain?

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gardeninggirl14 Sat 22-Aug-20 19:39:34

I have the IKEA applaro range of garden furniture ( and it really needs restaining but I havent been able to get any of the Ikea varda wood stain this year. Its sold out in store and they don't sell it online. Has anyone found an equivalent or would hazard a guess as to what colour stain i could try? Helpfully the Ikea stain is called 'brown' so its really not very informative! Thanks in advance.

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PopGoesBang Sun 25-Apr-21 07:36:31

Hi - realise this is an old post - but wondered if you found a stain that matched? I’ve just brought this set, and am having a new fence and wanted to stain it to match, and have found the stain elusive to get hold of - now realise this is a common issue!

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