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Loft Ladders

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Flatpackback Tue 25-Aug-20 14:18:58

I expect they don't usually retract when you're in the loft for safety reasons, you could be trapped in a fire with no means of escape, or the mechanism could fail & again, you would be stuck. I think I'd ring a few specialist companies and ask them as they're best placed to advise.

sallyshirt Sat 22-Aug-20 15:40:42

Anyone know if there is a style of loft ladder you can be in the loft then draw the ladder back up? (Don't need the hatch to be closed)
Basically I am thinking (this might be a crazy thought) of temporarily putting my home office into my loft while I have builders in. My 'office' is currently in my kitchen-diner which is going to be part of an extension next year and therefore I won't be able to use.
The loft is fully boarded and has eaves installation so the temp is very similar to the rest of my house, but the loft ladder (when down) is in an awkward place for my lodger as it blocks his bedroom door which is why it would be great to draw it back up when I'm in the loft.
I don't want to have to ask him to let me in and out of the loft each time!

I would only need to use my 'office' a couple of hours a day, somewhere to have a desk/Pc. I will be doing general admin work so I don't need daylight etc.
My loft is actually quite nice, decent height and good lighting, so I think it's a better plan if I can find a permanent ladder which works. The loft might be a lovely place to escape the builders too!

I guess I could use a 'normal ladder' and just pull it up after me, but a more permanent solution would probably be better and safer?!

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