Bedrooms with chimney breasts - best layout?

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Magnificentbeast Sat 22-Aug-20 14:29:44

Both of our double bedrooms have chimney breasts (but no fireplaces). I'm looking for advice on the best layout which takes into account the chimney breasts. E.g
1. put the bed against the protruding chimney section and the wardrobes in the alcoves either side.

2. Put in a new built-in wardrobe across the wall with the chimney. The issue here is that although the alcoves are deep the chimney section is much shallower so how would that area be best used? It's ok for shelves but not for drawers. Bed on opposite wall.

3. Standalone wardrobes for flexibility on where to stand them - but possibly less storage space. I tend to fold rather than hang a lot of our clothes so drawer space is important. We currently have large drawers in IKEA Pax wardrobes.

4. Any other suggestions?

The previous owners added sliding doors, shelves & clothes rails, so effectively built-in wardrobes. However, I don't think they're fit for our purposes. We have clothes and other stuff stored in them but we also have large Ikea Pax wardrobes which we brought with us, for additional drawer and hanging space. This was supposed to be a temporary solution and takes up more floor space than is necessary. I don't think we are planning to keep the Pax wardrobes.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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