Considering moving to Haywards Heath. Worried about existing flight plans and new plans.

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Quantumly Sat 22-Aug-20 11:05:53

I am considering purchasing a home there to be a little bit closer to London (mid sussex). But I'm not from the area. I'm now wondering if there is going to be any issues with a new proposed plan for a second runway as Gatwick have not given up their aspirations.

The house would be north of the town in a residential area (1 mile north of the station). There is not a direct route over it, but the red lines I found on the proposed route don't overlap and are some km away. But I don't know exactly how far and how precise these lines are. Perhaps 3km distance from the route. My question is whether you think this would be significant in terms of pollution or damage.

I put the new paths here

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LIZS Sat 22-Aug-20 11:13:57

Noise is related to height rather than distance. I doubt that hh is too badly affected as the runways are East/West. Even areas seemingly further away can be more noise affected but you do get used to it. We are not on a flight path but hear those below a certain altitude. Sussex university have done a study on this. Also look at number of night flights. Given cv19 it seems less certain if plans will proceed in the short term as capacity is not required. .

JoJoSM2 Sat 22-Aug-20 17:05:07

I’ve looked at the attached map. It looks like you’d be a similar distance from the flight path as Dorking? And given the distance from the airport the altitude is likely to be quite high? I’d expect the location of your house to be quiet. If you look where Reigate is, it’s actually pretty quiet there even though it’s a lot closer to the path.

My brain has never learnt to filter plane noise out but there are very few places in the SE where you genuinely can’t hear anything at all (only Bexhill has no flight paths for any airport whatsoever).

But anyway, I’d expect planes to be barely noticeable over HH.

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