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Playroom floor - laminate, vinyl or carpet?

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Wingingitsince2018 Fri 21-Aug-20 20:05:03

We really need to replace the carpet in our playroom. It is really worn (was here when we moved in) and has been damaged further by a leak and having the cloakroom refitted recently.

I am really torn on what to get, vinyl seems to be a good idea practically but will I regret it in a few years when DS (1.5) is older? Would laminate with a rug be better, or just another cheap carpet?

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blossomsarepretty Fri 21-Aug-20 21:33:31

LVT perhaps? It's vinyl but looks better.

Anordinarymum Fri 21-Aug-20 21:36:14

What is the floor like underneath? I have a play/tv room and I sanded the boards and varnished them with Ronseal Antique Pine varnish. The result is hardwearing and mop-up-able and it actually looks nice. I have a rug on it and am really pleased with the result, and I did it myself.

Namechangetoshowhouse Fri 21-Aug-20 21:40:43

We have LVT and you can literally throw anything at it we've had a tumble drier leak water when we were away came back to a damp discoloured patch once it had dried out it was fine and the discoloration was gone.
You want ones with as thick a wear layer as you can afford.
Get some samples though and abuse them we scratch them with a knife as some patterns or makes show are harder wearing.

Wingingitsince2018 Fri 21-Aug-20 21:47:55

@Anordinarymum unfortunately just concrete underneath

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Wingingitsince2018 Fri 21-Aug-20 21:49:57

Will look in to LVT, sounds ideal! Great idea to abuse the samples a bit to really test them out.

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PerditaMacleod Fri 21-Aug-20 21:50:23

Definitely LVT. We just got LVT and laminate in different parts of downstairs. Laid on concrete, with decent underlay though. The LVT is lovely, really nice underfoot and quite warm feeling for non-carpet.

Anordinarymum Fri 21-Aug-20 21:50:40

Sounds like LVT then smile

Wingingitsince2018 Fri 21-Aug-20 22:02:51

I hadn't even heard of LVT so thank you all, seems like the right choice for durability and style. Will definitely make sure to get decent underlay!

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