.ining and minerals indemnity policies

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BELLAARA Fri 21-Aug-20 18:12:55


Anyone who has a mining and minerals indemnity policy, did you arrange yourself (our solicitor wants £250 to do so for us) and how much was it please? Bonus points if the property it's for is in Wales- in case there's a geographic price difference.

We do need one, to satisfy mortgage company.


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thegcatsmother Fri 21-Aug-20 22:26:11

Wouldn't a mining survey he cheaper? Never heard of minerals indemnity policy; what are you intensifying against? I live in an area where arsenic, copper and tin were mined, and we had to have a mining survey, but nothing about minerals.

BELLAARA Sat 22-Aug-20 15:30:31

There are mining rights with minerals excepted in the land beneath and around the property.
A survey has been done, not questioning whether we need one so much as asking for the questions of those who have /had the policy.

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thegcatsmother Sat 22-Aug-20 16:01:25

I know that the Duchy of Cornwall owns the rights under my house, and in 2013 we had a letter telling us they had applied for the rights. Didn't need one when we bought, and we live in a mining World Heritage site.

BELLAARA Sun 23-Aug-20 05:48:57

Still wondering if anyone has got one of these policies? Would be very grateful of your experience of applying for it.

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