Help to buy mortgage with bad credit

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Melissa85 Fri 21-Aug-20 17:27:43


Has anyone managed to get a help to buy mortgage with bad credit before?

I have bad credit from over 3 years ago. No CCJs or legal action just late payments on credit cards etc. My partners credit is perfect but he is self employed.

We have an overall income of 75,000 a year between us.

Our mortgage broker helping us with this but said because of my credit no high street lenders will accept. My job is secure and I have been there 2 years and my partner has been in work constantly for 10 years as a contractor. Never had any breaks apart from 6 weeks due to the pandemic.

She is going to check out other sources for us. Has anyone ever had any success getting a mortgage from other places with a bad credit rating ? It is on 'poor' I have a score of 704 on experian so just under 'fair' mark.

Thanks !

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