Like PAX only shallow - a ceiling to floor cupboard?

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Lelivre Fri 21-Aug-20 14:49:23

My husband can fit PAX and I have an awkward spot in a bedroom that is shallow I could do with ceiling to floor storage. I have only 34-36cm max depth including any door front.

I realise I could adapt ‘Billy’ is there anything else? I could do with a quick fix. It will be general storage rather than hanging, in a spare bedroom which is currently an office but could revert back to being a bedroom.

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Rummikub Fri 21-Aug-20 14:53:22

Isn’t there two depths of pax?
The deeper one
And the shallower one that’s 35cm deep

NannyR Fri 21-Aug-20 14:55:24

Pax do shallow depth, extra tall wardrobes, I have them and they are a brilliant use of space in a small room.

Lelivre Fri 21-Aug-20 15:12:52

You are right! I thought I had checked this. I do have more like 34 plus 1cm for the door. I expect it’s 35 plus door. It would be very tight but might work. I will check again. Thanks

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