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Guttering help on a 3 storey terrace house

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claire697 Fri 21-Aug-20 09:05:08

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how to stop our guttering overflowing during heavy rain. There is a downpipe from the roof which runs down to a 1st floor extension over a flat roof in a pipe and outlets into the gutter below. In heavy rain, the outlet has too much pressure and goes over the the gutter.

We've tried moving the pipe so it lines up better, that's why there is a big patch of paint missing, as this was eroded before we moved the pipe.

I'm sure there must be a better solution.

Excuse the different colour paint on the back of the house!

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MarieG10 Fri 21-Aug-20 09:14:45

You have all the water from the main roof dishcharging onto a small roof etc which is also collecting rain water so the volume is too great

You need to find a way for the main roof to discharge directly into the drain pipe at the bottom

When we had extension done we had the plans altered to stop the main roof discharging onto the ground floor roof which mean additional drain access points. This was because in recent years rain has been coming in short deluges that were overwhelming some drains so we took precautions. Building inspector said it was extremely sensible and should be considered more in building regs.

MariaDingbat Fri 21-Aug-20 09:15:05

Having a downpipe in the middle of your gutter isn't great, plus they're taking two roofs worth of water out a downpipe made for one. I'd move the gutter coming off the main roof to the far left and have the main roof water discharge onto the ground floor extension roof then the flat roof only has to clear water from the flat roof. Both downpipes should discharge separately into grates at ground level. Hope that makes sense!

claire697 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:53:24

Urgh, not really what I wanted to hear, but makes sense. We moved in and it was like this, so have been trying to make the existing implementation work.

It also looks like our neighbour's guttering (which is completely full of green stuff) overhangs our property on the drain side. I'd prefer not to have to address this issue with them. I also can't see the original extension plans on the planning portal, so I don't know what was agreed.

If anyone has any better ideas for a solution/bodge to the existing configuration, I'd appreciate it - otherwise I think we will need to get a contractor in as I don't really fancy changing the existing guttering at height.

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