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beachcombersandandshells Thu 20-Aug-20 19:14:53

We have had an envelope put through the door with a flier in inviting us to down load an app called next door. I have googled it and it is some kind of online community for the estate where I live, to put things up like lost pets or to offer help to vulnerable neighbours. . It is from someone who just gives their first name, no address or phone number or contact details. I thought it looked a good idea but when I went on the site I had to put where I live and my full name. We live on quite a big estate and because of my job - I am a mental health worker in the community where I live I am very careful about my personal details. I cant see anything that says about data protection really, what I can see is that anyone else who is on in my area can see my name and that I live on the estate. Just because someone lives on my estate, that doesnt mean that they are safe as it were. In principle it sounds like a good idea but the data protection thing worries me. Is anyone on it and what is their experience of it?

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minipie Thu 20-Aug-20 21:06:29

I’m on it yes. It gives my full name and my local area but it’s quite a big area (maybe 40 or 50 roads?) so would be hard for someone to track me down and in my case, I can’t think why anyone would want to.

Sounds like your local area would be given as your estate, which might be a smaller area and more identifying?

The whole idea is that people are not anonymous, they are “neighbours” and people may trust and respond more than someone with an anonymous user name who could be posting fake stuff.

I can definitely see how it could be a problem if you are concerned about patients or relatives trying to find you out of hours though.

AgainstAllOdds1 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:17:15

Ask your lead /mod to change your address to the wider area. I had my door number removed but you can just put area.

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