Insuring property from exchange

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Steala Tue 18-Aug-20 20:06:26

Does anyone have any advice? I need to insure our new house from exchange, but when I've tried online, I'm asked all sorts of impossible questions, like the type of lock on every door. I have no idea - I've only been in the property twice. How do I insure without being able to check anything?

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Isit2021yetplease Tue 18-Aug-20 20:08:15

Following because I’m the exact same
Position due to exchange tomorrow and trying to get quotes but the questions are so specific. I tried to get the vendors insurance policy but haven’t managed to get a copy Just the policy number and don’t want to hold Up exchange for it

RollercoasterRaver Tue 18-Aug-20 21:11:39

I just guessed most of it for both time we bought.....once you're in you can check and then call the insurer and update the details! I don't think we did for the first year but when we renewed we of course knew what we had :-)

ChocoTrio Tue 18-Aug-20 21:11:51


This may help:

Just ask your conveyancer the questions as they should know, or can ask the vendor. Should be straightforward.

Steala Wed 19-Aug-20 18:26:46

Thank you all. We are lucky to have a helpful and cooperative vendor, who helped.

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houseofrabbits Thu 20-Aug-20 08:17:20

I also wondered this, apparently you can just add it to your current building/contents insurance policy.

Justpassingtime1 Thu 20-Aug-20 08:27:01

Very interested in this. My mate bought a 2nd floor flat which was
damaged when a pipe burst and the vendor was away(Xmas)
This happened after exchange and it was a real nightmare.

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