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Shellac/Stain Blocker for Furniture - recommendations?

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EdinaMonsoon Tue 18-Aug-20 15:37:15

I started painting a pine dresser with chalk paint and it's become clear that I need to add a shellac/stain blocker layer. I have been looking at two products by Zinsser - BIN and Bulls Eye 123 but I have no direct experience of either.

Any recommendations?


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Zandana123 Tue 18-Aug-20 21:51:17

I've used both, the bin is oil based and will ruin your paint brushes 😀

It's really thin, and dries quickly so you have to be quick to get a decent cover without going over patches and ruining the texture. Sand lightly anyway afterwards so not the end of the world.

123 I've used as a general primer

EdinaMonsoon Wed 19-Aug-20 11:24:05

Thanks @Zandana123

On the Annie Sloan website they recommend applying shellac with a cloth pad so hopefully that will save some of my brushes!

I'm assuming the BE123 is more a general primer then? Rather than being effective in blocking bleed through staining?

Have you used any other knotting solutions? I'm getting so confused with online research confused

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Kamma89 Wed 19-Aug-20 11:50:52

I'd go bin. Never had anything bleed through. It's a pain to apply as so thin, but is touch dry in 15 mins! I found applying with foam roller or foam brush gave best finish. Go cheap, as it's not worth trying to clean them after!

Zandana123 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:46:45

I stripped the paint off our door frames with a heat gun and scraper and spot primed with BIN, primed with 123, and painted in f and b Wimborne white. So far so good

Zandana123 Wed 19-Aug-20 13:47:22

Spot priming was over the knots

wowfudge Wed 19-Aug-20 13:51:51

I favour an easy life, hate sanding@Kamma89 and have found both Zinsser primers great. You need methylated spirits to clean your brushes if you use the shellac one. I second @Kamma89's suggestion of using a foam roller - the sort sold for gloss paint or varnish - on flat areas. I've used the primer on a varnished dark wood stained fire surround then painted it in water based satinwood paint and for numerous other jobs. It's well worth the money.

wowfudge Wed 19-Aug-20 13:52:29

Apologies for the rogue first tag in my post Kamma89.

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