How much to renovate two bed house?

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Smillar2020 Tue 18-Aug-20 15:08:56

Looking at a two bed mid terrace that needs work. New kitchen, bathroom. Walls need replastered, new flooring, decoration, new windows and doors. Downstairs is living room and kitchen only. Rooms fairly small. Has anyone done anything similar that could give me a rough cost? I’m in Scotland.

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Saz12 Tue 18-Aug-20 16:11:18

It pretty much depends on what standard you’re going for... eg is the kitchen bespoke Tom Howley or is it B&Q? Same for flooring, bathrooms, etc etc. Sorry not to be helpful, but can you add if you’re looking at the decent but not high-spec end or the luxury end?

Smillar2020 Tue 18-Aug-20 16:15:15

Decent like B&Q, Howdens. Nothing high end or bespoke but not super basic either.

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fedupandlookingforchange Tue 18-Aug-20 16:19:35

About a hundred pounds a wall for re skimming. You should be able to get a bathroom for £2k including fitting.
Windows are expensive I’ve spent £3k on upvc French doors and 3 windows. Wooden ones are similar.
Kitchens vary I got a symphony for less than £2k they are much better than b&q. Gower rapide are also good kitchens.
Mid price carpet and Lino cost £1300 including fitting.
Internal door £60 a door upwards

Seeingadistance Tue 18-Aug-20 16:23:19

I’m also in Scotland and had a bathroom done last summer for £3,500. That included removing old bath etc, fixing rotten floor under bath, new bath, basin and toilet, part tiling the walls - around bath and basin so about a wall and a half. Also got showere installed for first time to run off combi boiler. This did not include any flooring, lighting or ceiling work.

Flooring you should be able to work out by cost per sq m of your chosen flooring and contact local carpet fitters etc for an idea of their charges.

Windows and doors - good quality front door - budget around £1,200 or more. Windows - last year I paid £1,800 for 5 windows. One tall narrow window, the other four were smaller as attic dormers. Good quality windows from local firm.

No idea about kitchens or plastering.

minnieok Tue 18-Aug-20 16:31:43

So many variables! Plastering comes in at £250-300 a room more if it's huge/lofted/stairs. Bathroom from £2k but depends so much on what fittings likewise kitchen from £5k including basic appliances. My father charged £20k last year to renovate a holiday cottage plus the materials

isseywith4vampirecats Tue 18-Aug-20 17:26:42

we moved into a 2 bed doer upper last year needs list
rewiring all plugs as in skirting boards and new unit £1000
redecoration all through around £500
new kitchen
plastering rewiring walls painted new units new flooring tiling £5000
new carpets all the way through around £1000
new shower in bathroom with plumber installation £1000

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