Anyone got a downdraft extractor?

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themummyway Mon 17-Aug-20 22:26:11

If so, where's your kitchen from?

I'm keen to get one but DIY Kitchens don't have a specialist base to house it so I'd be more comfortable going with a company that does.

I'd initially earmarked Wren but once it was all totted up, it really wasn't worth the price. Especially as my kitchen was super plain and Wren's quality is notoriously questionable

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Ramona75 Tue 18-Aug-20 07:24:08

I don’t have one as they are so expensive but from what I’ve seen, a downdraft extractor is massive and does not really fit into a unit, otherwise you would have no shelf and not much space to store things. If you get a deeper worktop then the extractor can slide downwards through a cutout in the worktop and ultimately it would be hidden away, ‘behind’ a base unit. I hope this helps.

TheFnozwhowasmirage Wed 19-Aug-20 16:36:56

We have one,it's from IKEA and we are really pleased with it. It's integral to the induction hob and only takes one drawer space in our island,we have two deep drawers below it.

TheFnozwhowasmirage Wed 19-Aug-20 16:38:06

The top drawer is the only one that can't be used.

themummyway Wed 19-Aug-20 16:40:47

@TheFnozwhowasmirage oo, would you able to link to it please?

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TheFnozwhowasmirage Wed 19-Aug-20 18:55:40

I don't know how to link,but it's called Fordelaktig.

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