Emulsion over satinwood - help

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acquiescence Sun 16-Aug-20 19:54:23

Somehow someone painting for me has painted a wall with (water based) satinwood instead of the intended matt emulsion. How do I save this? I need to cover it with the correct paint. Will it need a primer before applying emulsion? Or just sanding? Or should it cover ok seeing as it is water based? It has a sheen like silk emulsion.

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PigletJohn Sun 16-Aug-20 23:42:12

I don't think the paint will stick well.

Try dulling the sheen using a very fine abrasive paper.

Places that sell car paint sell packs of 600 grade wet-and-dry, which is black (not sand-coloured). it is waterproof so you can rinse it in a bucket of water to wash off the fine dust that would otherwise clog the grit, and you can use it wet with water. Being so fine it will not leave rough gouges in the paint that will be difficult to smooth.

using it wet means it does not generate dust, you use a wet sponge to clean the slurry off the wall.

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