Advice on first home and areas to consider in South East and West

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Lilyp88 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:11:26

Hello everyone, I'm new to Mumsnet and hoping for some advice on areas to purchase our first home. We live in the South East and we are currently considering Fleet, Camberley, Basingstoke, Chessington etc. Priorities are good train access to London and Walton, good schools, green spaces nearby and we have a budget of up to 300k. Happy for a two bedroom house with character and ideally a nice garden. We recently viewed houses in Farnham, we really liked the area but it was just too far on the train. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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JoJoSM2 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:18:44

Do you mean Chessington in outer London or is there another Chessington? I don’t think you’ll find a house for 300k. Maybe a flat with a garden.

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